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SATPURA TIGER RESERVE is one of my favorite places in India, and in this comprehensive guide to the Satpura Tiger Reserve, I hope to share the reasons for my enthusiasm and reassure others to take the time to get to know this beautiful park in Madhya Pradesh, India.

The Satpura Tiger Reserve is a diverse ecosystem, with waterways, dense forests, deep ravines, sand cliffs, grasslands, and pristine forests. Moreover, it is very beautiful. Add to this the fact that it is less crowded than most other parks and has very different offerings - like a morning boat ride and a safari in the main area - and you have an amazing natural environment in India. India is not known as a wildlife sanctuary, but with wildlife safaris in India. Tourists should join the Satpura Package tour with us.

Jungle Safari Satpura

Need to know about the Satpura Tiger Reserve 

The Satpura Range of mountains runs through central India, near the Maharashtra border with Madhya Pradesh. The name of the Satpura Tiger Reserve and National Park is derived from this list. The name Satpura is Sanskrit and means seven mountains (sapta - seven and pure - mountain).

Satpura was started in 1981 when it was merged with the shrines of Pachmarhi and Bori. In 2000, a leopard was officially named, as part of the Project Tiger program that began in 1973. Satpura National Park is spread over more than 1,427 square miles and its height is between 300 and 1,352 meters.

The plants of the Satpura Tiger Reserve are as diverse - and amazing - as the landscape. There are heavy forests of sal trees and wide tracts of teak, as well as mahua, tendu, and bamboo. There are medicinal plants, fruit trees, and so on - about 1,300 plant species and 62 tree species.

The animals of the Satpura Tiger Reserve are as amazing as the plants. Among the mammals, you will see various species like as Tiger, Leopard, Chital (spotted deer), Hanuman Langur, Indian Bison (gaur), Wild boar, Dhole (wild dog), Sloth bear, Blackbuck, Sambhar deer, Chowsingha (four-horned deer), Crocodile, Malabar squirrels, Tiger big Indian, White buffalo.

The Best things you can do at Satpura Tiger Reserve

One of the great things about Satpura Tiger Reserve and National Park is the amazing variety of things to do, much more than most parks. You can ride a jeep safari to the main area and buffer areas. But you can also travel by boat and take a guided tour of the main area. Other accommodations, such as Satpura Stay Denwa Backwater Escape also offer camping in the backyard.

I enjoyed the safari from the Madhai Gate to the main area in the morning, and in the evening. As you sail along the coastline, you get a glimpse of the birds and animals. It is very environmentally friendly! I also loved the Satpura Safari trip to the main area. Our experienced guide stopped to show us the many signs of bears and tigers and other animals - animal symbols such as scratches, scats, and even fur coats. Little things you can remember if you do not go - and you do not have a highly trained, careful guide with you.

Resort in Satpura

Perhaps my favorite activity was the night we spent camping at Satpura Park and Denwa Backwater Escape. They had set up a comfortable camp on the bank of a small river. We had our bathroom tents and a great outdoor dining experience - it was great. Each tent has a secure front end so that we can see outside all night long. In the morning there were pictures of leopards near the river, a few meters from our tents. After breakfast, we set off and met a jeep a few miles away in the woods. It was magical so book Budget resorts in Satpura at affordable prices.

Reach Satpura National Park

By Road: When driving from Bhopal take NH - 12 to Obedullaganj and NH - 69 to Hoshangabad and the regional highway - 22 to 4 km near the city of Sohagpur. From there take a road 17 miles right to reach Denwa Backwater Escape. A tourist driving from Bhopal can also stop at the Bimbetka caves in the world’s most treasured place.

By Air: Bhopal is the nearest airport to Satpura National Park and accommodation offers accommodation and booking services. Bhopal is well connected by numerous flights from Mumbai, Delhi, and other parts of the country by many international carriers.

By Rail: Satpura is probably the most connected Tiger Reserves in the country by train, with Itarasi, Hoshangabad, Piparia, and Sohagpur railway stations within 70 miles of trains from all parts of the country. Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is well connected by trains from all over the country.

Hotel in Satpura Tiger Reserve

Denwa Backwater Escape - This place is well located on the Denwa River - we saw crocodiles crawling along the riverbank, right in the area, every day - with beautiful views of Satpura in the distance. It is only 1 km from the Madhai gate. At this gate, you can take a boat on the Denwa River to get to the main point, which also offers a chance for boat riding. And nearby there are a few excellent buffer locations like Parsippany. Elegant cottages are extremely comfortable and are spread all over the place, giving guests privacy and a real sense of nature.

Forsyth Lodge While in Satpura, I spent the afternoon at Forsyth Lodge and liked this beautiful place. It is located in a rural area, near the village, and it sounds very real - while providing a comfortable living experience. Forsyth Lodge comes in a fun way all the way. They are very committed to conserving the environment and giving visitors the best wildlife experience and taking great care of the food they provide. Much of it comes from their natural garden, and it is fun, fresh, and equally healthy.

Reni Pani Lodge: The lodge is one of the premier dormitories in the region. Like Denwa Backwater Escape and Forsyth Lodge, Toftigers are guaranteed. Like Denwa Backwater Escape and Forsyth Lodge, you will have a wealth of wildlife safari experience with some of the industry's leading environmental experts.

Nature's Sprouts offers the wonderful jungle safari package Satpura and a wonderful stay at the best wildlife resorts near Satpura Tiger Reserve. Booking the resorts and Hotels in Madhai is very easy and at affordable prices.

To get more details about the Satpura Hotel Booking call us on 7719806444, 9755725345, 9766983240, or send an email at:

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