Rooting for You: Low-Maintenance Plants You Can Grow at Home

by Kevin Smith Author

Cultivating indoor plants is becoming a popular hobby. Aside from fostering an inviting aura, they possess extraordinary properties that help eliminate air contaminants.

This article lists 4 houseplants that are easy to take care of. For those interested in growing them, visit a Georgia plant nursery and ask whether they have seedlings for the following:


Also called mums, chrysanthemums are vibrant plants you can use to decorate your home. Their tiny flowers have hundreds of petals that look attractive in full bloom. They're available in a multitude of colors, including purple, yellow, orange, peach, red, and pink.

Many homeowners favor chrysanthemums because they have air-purifying properties. They reduce indoor toxins, like ammonia and benzene.

Chrysanthemums are easy to care for. Place them near a window so they receive enough sunlight and air. In the afternoon, spray a bit of water around their roots to keep them moist. After about a week, flowers will start to blossom. Cut dried petals to prevent them from scattering.

Common Houseleek

The common houseleek is popular for its leaves that grow in a spiral pattern. This succulent looks like a large green rose, making it apt to be called so-cute-lent!

You don't have to water it daily. It stores enough moisture in its leaves to keep itself hydrated for a few weeks. It also propagates quickly and yields many offsets in a short period. With proper care, the parent plant produces tiny pink flowers.

It's necessary to replant the offsets in another pot after a few months. This prevents them from overcrowding and competing for the soil's nutrients.

Golden Pothos

Among all indoor plants, the golden pothos takes the crown for being the easiest to cultivate. It's a fast-growing climber that flourishes in any environment and thrives with very little sunshine, air, and water. You only need to trim it once it has too many leaves.

The golden pothos is easily recognizable with its thick stems and large, heart-shaped leaves. It grows up to 6 feet if you put trellises around it. But, many homeowners prefer to suspend it from the ceiling and let the vines hang from the pot.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent characterized by its thick, fleshy leaves. You're going to love this plant vera much because it likes to be left aloe-ne. Simply place its pot near a window and let direct sunlight and fresh air provide all the nourishment it needs. It doesn't require a lot of moisture, so you don't have to water it too often.

Many people grow aloe vera for its medicinal properties. It's oozing with antioxidants, amino acids, and anti-inflammatory compounds that are excellent in treating various skin conditions. The gel from its leaves is also used to heal burns, reduce wrinkles, and flatten scars.

These are just a few houseplants you can cultivate even if you lack a green thumb. Aside from them, ask horticulturists at a Georgia plant nursery for recommendations.

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