Roles of a Chat Support Agent

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Asking questions to your favourite brands has never been easier, thanks to the Internet! Nowadays, you can send a message to customer support representatives anytime you want.

Being the customer asking for answers is easy. What’s challenging is being the chat support agent who provides the answers. What does a support agent do? What is the scope of their work?

Provide Response to Queries

This is the most basic and obvious responsibility of a CS agent. It's their responsibility to give answers to customers with service or product-related issues. 

Providing responses demands training and product knowledge. Having canned responses to frequently asked questions are also helpful for agents to solve basic questions. However, familiarity with the business and the products it sells is a necessity.

Customer Support

Improve Consumer Relationship With the Brand

Think of the customers’ queries as a second chance of showing them that the business cares about them. While resolving issues is the main goal, it is part of the agent’s job to be cordial throughout the course of the conversation. The more that people see the sincerity and concern of the brand's staff, the more likely they are to stay loyal.

Opportunity to Improve Sales

So maybe your customer is reaching out to you in an unpleasant mood. They could be unsatisfied about something or confused why things did not turn our as they expected. It is still the support team's task to make this experience better by taking charge of the conversation.

Aside from providing solutions to the client's issues, it wouldn’t hurt to tell them your latest offerings and updates if the conversation ends well. The chances of the client buying another product on the spot are slim, but it’ll keep them in the know. It might even persuade them to buy from you in case they need one of your products in the future!

Improve Brand Image

As mentioned above, chat support agents engage with customers as representatives of the company. The company’s brand image relies a lot on their performance as they go and deal with people. This is why patience and empathy is necessary when working in customer service.


It’s important to show the customers that the brand does care about them. Don’t let messages go unread and unanswered for too long. Remember to be straight to the point but sincere in your replies. Strive to build credibility. Show them that they are talking to a real person who they can connect and have real conversations with. 

Basically, a support agent’s job is to assist customers as brand representatives. A good chat support agent should also be able aid in business development. They should be able to bridge the gap between the business and the customers by showing businesses how they can improve their market standing through their customers’ feedback. They are the a binding agents (pun unintended) of the business and customers. This makes their jobs important and necessary for the future of the business they serve.

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