Rodent 101: Preventing Rodent Invasions

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Rodents are capable of causing havoc at your home, chew up things, spoil food, and can cause health issues. So, before they find access to your home and starts disturbing you, it is vital to rodent proof your home.

If you want to rodent proof your home, you will need to locate all the openings in your house that can allow entry to rodents and seal all those places. Sealing possible entry points is an important element of rodent control Vancouver. It is also vital that you sanitize your home and maintain proper hygiene to avoid rodent infestation. Here are tips to help you keep rodents at bay:

Avoid Clutter

Make sure that clutter and piling up of things should be avoided, as these places can become a perfect home for the rodents.

Keep Your Garbage Bins Sealed

Garbage must be kept in sealed containers and disposed of as soon as possible. It is essential to take care of hygiene while rodent-proofing your home.

Inspect Your Foundation

To discourage rodent invasion, start with inspecting the foundation of your building with an aim to discover any holes. The holes that are large enough to allow entry to these rodents should be closed.

Check All Entry Points

Inspect all the entry points of your home, such as the windows and doors. Make sure that all the doors and windows close properly, without leaving any opening in between that can act as an entry point for rodents.

Inspect Your Building Roof

The roof of your building should be well examined for rodents as well. Inspect the shingles, chimney, and ventilators, for any gaps, leaks or breakages. If found, the holes should be blocked, and the chimney has to be capped to ensure that no rodents can enter the home through it.

Pay Close Attention to Your Garden

Gardens sometimes are the breeding site of rodents. The garden should be cleaned and properly inspected, to see that there are no overgrowths that can be perfect living locations for rodents. If any tree branches are close to your property, these can be used as a passage by rodents to enter your house. To discourage rodents, you must pay close attention to your garden.

Watch for Pipe or Wire Lines

Any wire or pipelines that enter the house from the outside can be a possible entryway for rodents.


Cleanliness Is A Must

Rodent proofing requires that adequate house sanitation is maintained, especially in the kitchen where food is cooked and kept, as any unfinished food can invite rodents. The concealed areas in the kitchen should be kept clean, and leftover of pets should be disposed of immediately.

The best way to avoid contact with rodents is to remove items, food and water sources that provide shelter for rodents.

Implementing the effective techniques as mentioned above can help you in discouraging and provide both yourself and your family the comfort of knowing you are living in a safe and rodent free house. If you are already facing a rodent infestation. Further taking advice from a professional pest control Vancouver company can be useful.

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