review of YRYM HT copper grill mat

by Venessa Liu Web Administrator
Excellent performance, saves money from having to buy parchment paper. Very easy to use, easy to clean, everything cooks evenly on the grill. I like the mats, but not sure how long they will last, thinner than I thought they'd be.. These grill matts are great. They arrived quick and lay out flat right out of the box. I have cooked chicken with married and veggies on them and nothing sticks. The burnt marinade wipes right off. These non stick grill mats are easy to clean & work very well. Great for grills, easy cleanup and works as a non stick cooking pad as described. They did just what I was hoping for. The trout I cooked when I 1st got them came out perfect. You have to make sure the temperature is just right for hamburgers though. 

We have totally worn out the first  YRYM HT copper grill mat already, but lasts much longer than a previous purchase from different vendor. We love the way it works and is so easy to clean. We cook most of our meats out on the grill so the first mat had a lot of mileage before it needed replacing. We will continue to purchase this as we need it. Very good quality mat. Our visiting adult children have also been impressed and have taken home any mats that we allowed. Very popular at our house. Worked well, cleaned up easily. I suspect hard to clean ones were used at too high a temperature. Beware of fat flare-up while cooking. It happened while flipping burgers, they slid around and some fat went over the edge and caught fire. These work great and are very easy to clean. Very good product, great for the price too! 

I've only used YRYM HT barbecue grill mats since I received it and both times it worked fine. Easy to cook on and very easy to clean. I just bought a new grill so I'm getting used to how that cooks and going back to a regular grill from an infrared grill is a bit of a challenge. I did have to cut this material to fit as the grill instructions warn against blocking the entire surface area. No problems at all and it keeps the grill looking like new. The red and blue tings that came with this are for use as brushes for BBQ sauces and such . (They are too small and too soft to work as back scratchers. food seems to cook more quickly. grease management is the only problem I can think of. it doesn't go down into the grill ... where do you think it goes? I really like this product but dont cook anything with a sugar marinade like BBQ chicken, This is what my mat looks like after one BBQ cooking. I had to throw 2 away already after a single use. The picture below is after a whole night of soaking in soapy water and about 20 minutes of scrubbing. I will be throwing this one away also.  

We loved these so much we purchased 3 sets . Very happy with them . No more foil sticking on grilled veggies.  There was no place for grease to go so they ended up frying and not grilled. No grill marks on meat as shown on tv. Grease splattered in all directions on to my deck and had small grease fire. Don't recommend for burgers. 

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