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Walking in New York City is beautiful. And although it may not be as romantic or magical as portrayed in film, it is one of the city’s favourite pastimes and there are thousands who prefer to walk as a way to go around and for some, it is the only way to get around. However, there are still some outside factors that are beyond pedestrians’ control that can still affect the day to day life of the average pedestrian. Reckless driving can often lead to an unsuspecting pedestrian being the victim of an accident that they had no involvement in at all. When compromised in such an accident, one should immediately get in contact with an attorney who can help them build a case against the parties at fault.

Silberstein, Awad & Miklos is a law firm based in New York City that handles hundreds of cases from personal injury accidents to vehicular accidents. Their lawyers understand the difficulty the victims face when involved in an accident that they should have otherwise been left out of. They handle cases with proper execution and precision by analyzing each and every detail to determine the cause and parties involved. They don’t charge their clients fees and will only bill them if and when the case is won. If a person or their loved one has experienced a pedestrian accident, they can visit for a free consultation or call 1-877-ASK4SAM.

A driver should always be responsible on the road, not only for themselves, but for everyone in close proximity to their vehicle should there be an accident. There are hundreds of vehicular accidents every day and even a hundred more laws to ensure accidents are avoided. And though the world is not perfect and unfortunately, accidents still do happen, then a driver as well as pedestrians around should always be mindful of their environment and follow the laws and signs of the street to stay away from them as much as possible. The most common cases of pedestrian accidents are distracted driving, impaired driving, aggressive driving, fatigued driving, driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, unsafe turns, and failing to yield. New York City is very strict when it comes to their traffic laws and if a driver has failed to follow even one of them, and worse resulting in an accident, then they will be reprimanded heavily and can even lead to revocation of their licenses or ability to drive.

When involved in an accident as a pedestrian, determining the parties liable is crucial in building the case. It can also be very difficult as oftentimes the ones responsible for the accident don’t admit to fault very quickly. This is why the victim should try and collect as much evidence as possible to help expedite their case. It can be as simple as taking a picture or video of the vehicle’s license plate and license number, asking for insurance information, and taking pictures of the incident or the scene where it happened. Any additional information the victim can provide may greatly help the case and to ensure that maximum financial compensation can be provided for the damages caused. Parties who may be liable during an accident can include a driver of a passenger vehicle, bus drivers and transit companies, employers of liable parties, bicyclists, motorcyclists, operators of mopeds and electric scooters, manufacturers of defective products, and government agencies. In rare cases, a pedestrian may have had a part in the incident, despite being the victim due to not following rules or signs on the road and sidewalk. Determining this is also vital to a case because New York is one of many states that follow a model of pure comparative fault. This means that when the pedestrian is partly responsible for the accident, despite being the victim, they are also assigned a percentage of guilt. This can lead to compensation reduced or having to pay fines.

All legal matters will be handled by the victim’s attorney and Ask4SAM is equipped with lawyers who are excellent at turning the case to the best advantage. They negotiate with all parties from insurance brokers to opposing counsel and get the best deal for their clients for their financial and emotional needs.

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