Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020

by Elliott Smith Writer
“Innovation Needs to be Part of Your Culture. Consumers are Transforming Faster than we are, and If we don’t Catch up, we’re in Trouble.” – Ian Schafer

If it is one thing that remains constant it is CHANGE. With all these years gone by, the one factor that has constantly been reinvented and designed is in the field of advertising through digital platforms. It is definitely a given fact that today with their being so many changes and constant updates to the way people broadcast and market their products, it has become increasingly important to make sure that you have a proper strategy in mind. After all a marketing plan executed with no clear strategy in mind will mean you spending more money without a calculative result. 

It is true that today with technology powering people of all age groups via screens, sticking to the profound and old ways of marketing is probably the biggest mistake. If you and your brand is looking for that ultimate way of reaching millions with just one click, gear up and understand why a proper strategy is so essential in every marketing plan that you device. 

Why Strategize That Marketing Plan?

The biggest and the most renowned industrialists and business owners claim that the window of opportunity that they get by showcasing their products and services on the world of the world wide web, is humungous because they get the chance of reaching millions and that too at nominal and affordable prices. 

Having said that it is equally important that all those people who are working on their digital marketing strategy, have a proper strategy and plan. It is also a known fact that coming up with a digital marketing plan with no results and outcome, is as good as wasting an arrow with no definite target in sight. So, why is it important to strategize your digital marketing plans? Sit tight as we highlight just why?

Magnificently Measurable: As mentioned above a plan with no definite target is a plan wasted. Most digital advertisers often say that it becomes very difficult to pan out a fixed strategy because the online world is constantly changing in leaps and bounds. With a properly planned strategy you can hit the target right on spot and also make sure that the results that you get are measurable. This happens to be the biggest reason why most people switched from traditional marketing to social media marketing. With data and informatics available on almost every digital platform measuring the return and effect of each marketing campaign has become a possibility. 

Confidently Cost Effective: remember the days when marketing your product meant saving a huge chunk of your profits for advertising? Well, with the help of digital marketing this is the first facet that has changed. Now, be it small or large, every new and old company looking to market themselves can make it possible. The one thing however, still doesn't change is the fact that though the amount that you now spend is considerably less, it doesn’t give you the reason or excuse to  not plan and execute a proper strategy. Cost effective or not, strategizing is a key component for every successful marketing plan laid out. 

Fantastically Flexible: one may even question the fact of having difficulty in deciding which social media platform to choose. And, there is no blaming them, because let’s face it there are just so many platforms that are out there. With the help of the flexi digital marketing plans, one can choose to stick to one, or try out different portals till the time they come across the platform that best suits their needs. Each platform has a unique ability of reaching the main target and with each platform comes a plethora of options that can help you gauge how well you are doing. 

Optimistically Optimised: one of the biggest boons of digital marketing is the leverage that retailers get with the option of reach and optimised analysis. Based on the content and the reach of each digital media post, any retailer will be able to strategize and analyze the audience that they are reaching, and in this way they will be able to work towards restrategizing their marketing campaigns. 

Stintilizing Storytelling: you need to give some credit to the digital marketing platforms for gifting us a variety of ways that we can market ourselves.   One of the latest features that allow us to explore our creative best is the usage of video and stories on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Engage the audience with mini video clips that will redirect them to your portal and thus result in a possible transaction. Go and explore the land of stories and look for new ways to intrigue the curiosity of your fellow buyers. 

Unwittingly Understanding: have you ever filed up feedback forms for products or services that you have used? Well, that was the old way of getting your voices heard. But, with the help of modern day digital marketing, consumers can instantly let the retailers know about how they feel about a certain product and  campaign. This smooth transition from hectic and time taking to fast and effective means, has enabled so many people to strategize their digital marketing strategy with the help of data that is ready and available. This is a rather crucial reason why digital marketing is needed in the rather fierce and competitive day and age of multi brands. 

Focus on the Focus: all this data and numbers are of no use, if the retailers don’t change and redo the way they carry out their marketing strategy. The main agenda of digital marketing is to offer corrective solutions for things that went wrong in the previous marketing plans.  So focus on the SWOT analysis of your previous marketing strategy and do away with any grey areas to make it more effective and target oriented the next time. 

In the fast paced and technology driven world it is very essential to be visible amongst a sea of options. The one sure shot way to success is by planning a unique and goal driven digital marketing plan that will make sure that your products/services reach the right audience at all times.

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Elliott Smith is Australia immigration expert at Visa2immigration. He deals with working professionals, students looking for visa services. He also composes articles, on study abroad, methods to apply visa in the most proficient methods.

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