Reasons That May Get Your Housing Loan Application Rejected

by Ajay Singh Financial Advisor

It is a disappointment to find your home loan application getting rejected. This happens when the loan provider finds something deficit in your credit background or application. Well, home loan providers do try their best to offer a loan for their own profitable services. However, if at all, you have been unsuccessful in winning the confidence of the loan provider in terms of loan repayment, you must watch it out. Rejections are part of time, and they need to be dealt with right! If you have been rejected by your financial institution, stop applying elsewhere as the response will be the same and back to back hard enquiry puts your credit down. The best thing to do is to find the reason for the rejection. You can ask your loan provider about the reason for the rejection. You may be lucky enough to get a response. If not, look at these reasons and try to figure out where you have lost your approval!

Documentation: Documentation is necessary as it allows every detail about the borrower. It is important to get your documents in the right order. If you are not able to produce all the original copies of documents as requested by your loan provider, it becomes difficult to process the loan request. If you want to avoid a rejection, you need to place all the documents right on the table. It can be an important reason behind rejection. So, before you apply for a fast home loan,make sure you get all the documents and keep them ready for future borrowing.

A bad credit score: A credit score is the best reflection of your credit journey and activities in the past and present. It takes into consideration all the credit background, activities, credit accounts, bill payments and debt repayment in the past. A bad credit score means you have been handling your credit in a bad way. This restricts the loan provider from approving your loan application. This is a very common cause of denial, so start working on your credit score. Keep improving your score by doing all the activities that can add to your credit score.

A low income: A home loan is a huge burden. If you have a low income, this will be the sole reason for rejection of your home loan. A home loan adds on a huge amount of EMI every month and all other expenses will be compromised. It ends up being messed up where the borrower defaults and no financial services are available for recovery. The process of approval is strict in the case of a home loan, so that the cases of default are low.

Not a good property: A good property is a safety or security for a loan provider because recovery can be done easily if the borrower defaults. If you are investing in a bad property that has no value, the loan provider may not risk the fund. It is always good to go for a notable builder or have the right location.

Transparency: While borrowing, you need to keep the process transparent. Make sure you provide enough information about yourself and your property on a proof note. Do not forge any documents or information as that could be a reason for rejection.

Finishing up

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