React Native Advantages & Limitations

by Ronak Patel Co Founder | CEO @ Aglowid IT Solutions

React Native is a very popular framework in today's trending market. It has some disadvantages for your application based on react native

JavaScript will not provide you with completely secure and inadequate service in RN.

An application like Finance management, Banking applications required strong security compare to other applications.

Let's have a look into the following limitations

initial of React Native:

  • React Native lacks inconsistency is about the release of the frequent updates.
  • Developers find it difficult for modification due to regular upgrades like Airbnb Application have faced a lot of problems in the upgrading.

Learning React Native:

  • As a fresher, it might be difficult for you to learn to react to native development.

Time Consuming RN:

  • Because of JS thread which takes much time to initialize and it takes much time even for hi-tech devices.

Memory Management:

  • One of the major drawbacks of react native is that JavaScript does not support for decimals.
  • It can create issues for mobile app development which needs any computation.
  • Managing the memory for developers because of float computations is difficult. Which are dealt in an inefficient way?
  • In react native, Developers have to write the extra Native code for components.
  • React Native components are not good as compare to Native components. It gets difficult to integrate the long list with the RN.

React Native, not for all:

  • React Native is not suitable for all apps.
  • If your app required a large number of complex animations then react native is not a good option to go with.
  • Instead of that Native Application will work better and provide you with faster performance.

Lack in Security Robustness:

  • As we know that React Native is open-source JS framework and it lacks in security robustness.
  • For apps like banking & finance, react native development is not a good option to work with.


React Native app development will allow a developer to build a Mobile app on the base of web tech.

React Native allows developers to create and build cross-platform apps which are completely native apps based on JS components for clients.

Let's have a look into the following  Advantages

Optimal Performance:

  • React Native will provide you with an optimal performance because of different thread from UI and the Native APIs.
  • React Native can provide you with a high level of good performance through Native module & controls.
  • It can easily provide you with high performance by connecting native components for both the OS & generate code to the Native APIs freely.

Live Reload:

  • Live reloading will provide you with the service of compiling and reading a file which will be modified by developers.
  • In react native, you will get the see the result as live reload on your mobile screen after every testing and modification in the Code.

Reusable Components:

  • React Native will provide you with the service of building blocks which can be reused as per requirement.
  • You can use Native components that compile to native because it will provide you cross-platform service which will give you consistent look, feel, speed, and functionality of a native mobile application.

Hot Reload:

  • Hot Reloading is based on HMR-"Hot Module Replacement" which was introduced after the first reload option though it will provide you with the same sequence of actions.
  • It will provide you with an exciting feature like Live Reload, which will enable you to see the result of the recent modification to the programming.
  • It will provide you with a two-screen service so that on one you can modify the code and see the result on the other screen.

Offers Simple User Interface:

  • React Native is popular for its mobile user interface feature, It is best for implementing the sequence of a process for creating a mobile application development and it will decrease the load time, provide you with an easy feel with much responsive UI.
  • React Native will provide you with a faster performance as compared to Android performance and other JavaScript frameworks because of cross platforms service by saving your developing time for different platforms.

Free Solutions & Libraries:

  • React Native will provide you with a ready-made list of solutions & libraries to make mobile application development task easy.
  • It provides a vast number of the testing library to the developers so that they can create error-free codes.

To learn more about how the framework is compared to other cross-platform tools, You can visit us at Aglowid IT Solutions.


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