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by Craft Depot Online Marketer

We know it’s almost similar for all of us. If we shop well, of course, the next machine is going to be a lifelong investment. It will be something you can hand over to your daughter as well. We, however, also know that if we pick unwisely, the new machine will be nothing but an add-on trouble and you will feel compelled to discard it after some time. And, who can afford to waste their hard-earned money?

Well, there’s more to buying and handling a sewing machine. Let’s say, you have bought a sewing machine. And, now when you are just starting to get accustomed with its handling, something goes wrong and the machine breaks down. This is sheer disappointment. Therefore, you are always advised to be extra careful while buying sewing machines. Here are certain factors you will want to consider before purchasing a sewing machine:

Select your features

Your machine type must depend upon your sewing project type. Although, most of the sewing machines perform the basics, there are some additional features that only heavy-duty branded sewing machines will have. There are embroidery machines, then there are machines with features for stretch stitches. Besides, there are machines with quilting features and some machines do have specialty feet too. Your choice of machine must depend upon your needs of sewing. If you’re a beginner, you better choose to go with the basics only; else Janome, Singer and Brother make the best choices for heavy-duty professional sewing projects.

Origin, materials and brand

There are numbers of sewing machine brands available in the market today, and the most leading ones include Singer, Brother, Bernina and many more. While you choose a brand, you must take the country of the manufacturer and materials used in construction into account; because, the brand must have an unblemished background.


The sewing machine price usually ranges between $100 to $800 or more. However, the best quality sewing machines are quite expensive, just as the old adage – ‘You get what you pay for.’ This holds true, not just with sewing machines, but everything. Again, you need to sort your needs out first, to decide on a sewing machine.

Purchase from a dealer

When you buy a sewing machine from any chain retailer, their salesmen are unlikely to brief you on the specifics of the machines, for of course they are busy dealing so many things at a time. On the other hand, when you buy directly from dealers, they can brief you through the right machine after listening to your requirements.

Test the machine

Before you decide on one sewing machine brand, you will want to test the machine, but how it could be possible with online shopping. When you try to buy a sewing machine online, testing the machine is of course not possible. In such case, you choose the most trusted and best reviewed online sewing machine and accessories dealer.  The more reputed the dealer is, the better ensured product.

Try local stores if possible

Why it is always suggested to buy sewing machines and accessories from locally based out store is because you can claim your warranties and guarantees easily and without travelling across other state being unsure of whether you could find the retailer. However, the modern day problem is a bit different. People prefer shopping online. Now, when you browse the right online dealer for you, all you see (other than reputation and background checking) is whether they deliver at your place or not. If the website is serving your place already, it means you’ll have customer service too, but not all do provide the facility. You have to check one on one.

Go through the reviews online and do your bit of homework

There is a massive amount of data available on Internet these days. The internet has turned out to be the primary data source for everything in the world now. And, as far as top sewing brands and accessories are the concerned, nothing could be more trustworthy than a simple Google search. It’s quick, easy and absolutely reliable. The reason why you are advised to go through online reviews first is because it gives you a clear picture of your prospective brand.


It’s quite a job to select amongst the top sewing machines brands available in the market, since there are numbers of choices without any appropriate description on any. That’s why, we at Craft Depot conduct research on branded sewing machine to keep up with their updated features and market values. We want you to buy the one not just popular by its name, but functional and fits in best for your requirements. You can consider our largest store for sewing machines and accessories in Australia, for there’s no collection limitation and pricing is industry best. So, buy sewing machine in NSW online now.


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