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Gs Bond Cleaning Adelaide is a parent company providing a variety of house cleaning services in the city of Adelaide which include Bond Cleaning Adelaide, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning etc. We provide quality care for your home and make it look like new.

What is Bond Cleaning Adelaide?

Bond Cleaning Adelaide is a house cleaning service which is also known as exit cleaning or end of lease cleaning. It is provided in a situation where a tenant is vacating his rental property upon the expiry of his lease and must hand over the property in good condition to his landlord. He is required by law to do so otherwise he will forfeit all or part of his security deposit. Since it is mandatory that he return the property in its original condition, he is compelled to thoroughly clean the vacated premises. To avoid financial risk by doing an incomplete job, he must hire a professional cleaning service. In this situation Bond Cleaning Adelaide can be called upon to do the job for you.

Sanitizing Your Kitchen

As a house cleaning service, bond cleaning includes kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and carpet cleaning. The kitchen is the most important room in the house and the room in which the bond cleaning ritual begins. The refrigerator, an essential item in the kitchen is the first to be cleaned. The fridge is defrosted and the leftover food is removed to avoid contamination. The oven, stovetop and sink are also cleaned. The kitchen is thus thoroughly sanitized.

Hygiene in the Bathroom

The bathroom is an integral part of the house and is an important room to be cleaned. Since it is used so frequently by so many people it becomes a host to bacteria and a source of infection. In order to promote health and hygiene within the house, the bathroom needs to be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. Bathroom Cleaning Adelaide is a service that performs this task for you.

The bathroom is deep cleaned in order to create a hygienic environment in the home. The bathroom cleaning process begins by eliminating all clutter. This is accomplished by removing extra items from the bathtub and the shelf so that the surfaces may be wiped. After decluttering the bathroom is vacuumed to get rid of excessive hair fall on the bathroom surfaces.

The mould in the bathtub, the walls of the shower and the bathroom floor is also cleaned by scrubbing the various surfaces. The shower curtain is rinsed in the washing machine and the toilet is cleaned with a brush and a disinfectant. Bathroom cleaning is thus performed as part of the house cleaning procedure.

How We Clean Your Carpet

During the House Cleaning Adelaide service carpets may also be cleaned as an additional service. Most carpet cleaning services offer multiple options for cleaning your carpets and the customer indicates his preference. Generally speaking, the best method for cleaning your carpets is steam cleaning or the hot water extraction method. The pressure of hot steam is effective in killing 90% of the bacteria in the carpet.

Another common method for cleaning your carpet is called carpet shampooing. The carpet is treated with special shampoos and detergents and this method is similar to washing one’s hair, hence the name. The chemicals present in the shampoos and detergents act upon the carpet to release dirt and grime and give it a clean look.

Your Carpet as a Thing of Beauty

As all carpet owners know, a carpet is a thing of beauty and can be a joy to behold. Unfortunately, an excess of dust and dirt accumulates in a carpet over the years, ruining its appearance. While vacuuming of your carpet is necessary for its maintenance, hiring a professional cleaning service is necessary for regular treatment of your carpet to maintain its style and colour and enhance the decor of your home.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is a service that not only transforms the appearance of the carpet but also improves its general condition and its lifespan. With proper care from a professional service, a carpet can last up to fifteen years.

Another reason to clean your carpet is that with the passage of time a carpet also becomes a host to bacteria, allergens and other pollutants and thus becomes a health hazard in the house. Moreover, a carpet can also become contaminated by pets and spilled food or drink and can start to give off a bad odour. To ensure the health and hygiene of the household, it is necessary to hire a professional service to treat your carpet.


The House Cleaning Adelaide provided by Gs Bond Cleaning Adelaide are carried out by workers who are highly skilled and trained in their profession. They are knowledgeable about the art of cleaning and use the latest tools. They are moreover police-verified and fully insured so there is no risk involved in the cleaning procedure and the customer can sit back and relax during the process. Call us to book our service.

Bond Cleaning Adelaide: A Transformative Experience

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