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Pure Biome - In a friendly city where everybody knows every alternative, a bunch of cowboys are hanging out at a bar enjoying a beer on a hot afternoon. A stranger walks into the bar, and is noticed by the friendly and peaceful cowboys. The stranger becomes aggressive and starts an argument. The cowboys immediately start to defend there territory - their individuals and their city. Our immune system works like the cowboys. Pure Biome  is relaxed till a remote invasion enters and then our immune system mobilizes. For instance, if you cut yourself or being exposed to someone with flu or cold, your immune response (the friendly cowboys) go into action and become your fighter cells. Each cell goes into high gear to guard your immediate downside, and protect your body therefore the infection will not unfold.

The Immune system is the main line of defensive energy for the body. It protects the body from invasion of infectious microorganism like viruses, bacteria, and invading parasites. These organisms are present in our daily lives in food, water, and exposure to folks and animals. Every time you eat or drink, these bacteria's and microorganisms enter the body.Thus what happens when these foreign invaders enter the body?

The hydrochloric acid in the abdomen is the primary line of defense. It is robust enough to kill most unhealthy bacteria's that are natural to food and water, but some will get through. When we have a tendency to do comprehensive digestive analysis for our patients, we tend to typically realize chronic bacterial infections at high levels in the massive and little intestines. The immune system is then asked to battle with these invading organisms. When infections are untreated, they register as chronic, persistent low- grade infections in the intestines. The fighter cells (the friendly cowboys) are like little Pac-Men that moves around the invading unhealthy guys truly overtaking the invaders and destroying them.

Why your immune system may be weak A highly functioning immune system is traditional to a baby at birth. It is one in every of the foremost important natural survival mechanisms. Babies will eat very dirty things off the ground and not get sick. The Colostrum in mother's milk is what strengthens their immune response. Some people are born with weak immune systems as a result of of their genetics or because of less smart health of the mother when the baby is in utero. As we grow, the immune system's job is the same as the cowboys in the bar. As soon as there is a distant invasion they ramp up to protect the body. The immune cells then can fight a strong battle and most flu's, colds, and infections can be naturally handled by the body's own defensive energy. A fever may be a sign that that a massive battle is being fought.

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