Practicing Ashtanga Yoga Can Change Your Life: Know How

by Alvin T. Professional Photographer Singapore
Ashtanga Yoga: “Eight limbed yoga” or Ashtanga Yoga, is a structure or an arrangement of complex asanas, an allocated attribute of Sage Patanjali. It is a part of the outline for Yoga Sutras, which is a specific instruction or a parameter for inner metaphysical growth, and this is considered to be a universally accepted choice for living life the right way. It is believed and proved that the Sutras have eight preconditions which needs to be completed to obtain incorporeal self-actualization and self-realization. The eight needs or limbs on which the Cours de yoga stands are:

  • Yama: Yamas are universally known as the rule that can be applied in every person’s life, if they wish to live by good ethics and voluntarily remain true to their inner integrity.
  • Niyama: It is the second requirement, mainly focusing on the importance of discipline in lives and the benefits of being devoted to God and nurturing the habit of taking long walks which would allow a person to contemplate the cobbled up thoughts.
  • Asana: It means the postures which are to be learnt and practiced.
  • Pranayama: This is mainly based upon regulation of three aspects of life which are your mind (thoughts), your heart (emotions) and your living form (breaths).
  • Pratyahara: We all have culminated the desire to live by procuring our own desires, pleasure. This limb teaches us withdrawal, control of urges and gives us the opportunity to experience spiritual transcendence.
  • Dharana: It is the learning of the art of concentration which is preceded by making minds calmer, that is, meditation.
  • Dhyana: In this world, every action is followed by an array of reactions and vice versa, we need time to make our mind feel the silence and that is what this limb teaches; being conscious and yet unconscious to the world.
  • Samadhi: Final step to the attainment of what everyone seeks for, peace.
  • Proffeseurs de yoga: Things you will learn if you sign up for Ashtanga yoga classes and things your gurus were taught are the same.

          - Yoga can be done by anybody.
          - Yoga helps in digression.
          - Yoga never reaches a stage which we call full accomplishment.
          - Learn to understand the philosophy of yoga.

Yoga Brussels: There are many yoga studios situated in the heartland of the city Brussels.

Yoga Studio and Yoga Room: For a trial, you can join in a beginner’s lesson in Ashtanga Yoga, somewhere nearby, with a different room for all eight limbs or Yoga Sutras (Yoga Room), and try if it works for you in releasing your stress and body tension. It requires intense practice and is not beneficial for a healthy life, but a necessity to manage the balance between your groundbreaking imagination and steadfast reality.

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