Power Reduction Phenomenon of Diesel Generating Set

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Will the power of diesel generator set be stable all the time? If it is used for a long time, will the power of diesel generator set decrease? Dingbo power will explain why the power of diesel generator set will decline.

What are the phenomena of power decline of diesel generator set?

1. The power of diesel generator set decreases

During the normal use of diesel engine, the degree of power decline of the whole machine can also explain the wear degree of parts, such as cylinder liner, piston, piston ring and other parts.

2. Diesel consumption increases

The increase of diesel consumption is related to many factors. If the oil volume of the sub pump of the fuel injection pump is adjusted too much, the fuel injection nozzle has oil channeling, the cooling effect is poor, the sealing of the inlet and exhaust valves is not tight, the oil quality of the lubricating oil is poor, and the cylinder pressure is too low, the oil consumption in the operation of diesel generator set will increase. Therefore, it is a comprehensive evaluation index to remind users of the increase of oil volume of diesel generator set.

3. The consumption of lubricating oil increases

During the normal operation of the generator set, the increase of lubricating oil is mainly reflected in the increase of the wear degree of the cylinder and piston group. The more oil that makes the oil flow into the combustion chamber of the diesel generator set, the greater the blue smoke from the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator set.

4. The cylinder pressure decreases

The pressure from diesel to cylinder can explain the air leakage degree of cylinder liner and piston assembly, intake and exhaust valves and valve seats.

5. The crankshaft pressure decreases

The crankshaft pressure can judge the wear degree of cylinder liner and piston assembly of diesel generator set.

6. The oil pressure decreases

During the normal operation of the generator set, the wear of the bearing can be judged by the oil pressure. The lower the oil pressure, the greater the wear clearance of the bearing.

7. Impurities in lubricating oil increase

The number of grams of impurities in the lubricating oil determines the wear degree of each component to be lubricated in the breeding generator set. Users can also judge the wear speed of moving parts by measuring the content of various elements in lubricating oil.

Some parts of diesel generator set will also affect the power change of diesel generator set. The main reasons are:

1. The air filter is too dirty and the inhaled air is not enough. At this time, the air filter must be cleaned or replaced.

2. The fuel filter device is too dirty and the fuel injection quantity is not enough, so it must be replaced or cleaned.

3. The ignition time is incorrect and must be adjusted.

Timely maintenance can not only improve the working reliability of diesel generator set, but also prolong the service life of diesel generator set.

Correct solution to power decline of diesel generator set

① Check whether there is too much water in the diesel oil or rainwater in the diesel oil. If the quality of diesel oil meets the requirements, the next inspection shall be carried out.

② Check whether the components of the fuel system of the diesel generator set have leakage parts. If no diesel leakage is found during the inspection, check other problems.

③ Check whether the fuel supply advance angle of diesel generator set meets the requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, it shall be adjusted according to the technical requirements. If the oil supply advance angle meets the technical requirements, it shall be further checked.

④ Remove the diesel filter element and the oil inlet filter screen of the oil transfer pump for inspection. If the filter element and filter screen are relatively clean, check the atomization quality of the fuel injector.

⑤ The fuel injection pump shall be calibrated by professional maintenance personnel.

⑥ Adjust the valve clearance of diesel generator set according to the technical requirements.

⑦ After the above maintenance, if the power of the diesel generator set is still insufficient, check the cylinder pressure of the diesel generator set.

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