Possible modern methods to treat complete tooth loss for the elderly

by Pooja Chauhan Freelance Professional

The loss of all teeth in the elderly is a problem suffered by millions of people negatively affect the patient's physical and health and may lead to the elderly to isolation and introversion and a sense of public weakness.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, the total loss of teeth among older persons is a major impediment to the patient. This results in the patient being prevented from eating and chewing properly, as well as hindering the patient from speaking clearly. This disability requires special attention to reduce its effects on the patient. human life .

These cases have been and are still being treated in the traditional way: the use of complete dentures to compensate for missing teeth. Although this method has solved a major problem as an artificial alternative to natural teeth in strength and stability, patients often suffer from dish instability, ) And the inability of the patient to eat normally and in addition to the sometimes caused by the embarrassments of patients in the past ten years has been a major development in the field of dental implants as a better alternative to teeth lost, whether the missing one or more or full teeth. A possible alternative solution to help the patient who has lost the whole tooth is to use dental implants by using only two implants for the lower jaw to be installed and supporting the lower full kit. This method achieves a lot of stability and support compared to the traditional full crew whose defects are the full set supported by bones and lower jaw tissue Over time, bone decay and decay due to constant and continuous pressure (0.4 mm) causes the bone to drop annually. The amount of jaw bone contraction is four times that of the upper jaw, because the kit is supported by the roof of the throat.

And this degeneration leads to the end of the lack of bone enough to support the set lower jaw and therefore stability is impossible, which causes a lot of discomfort and dissatisfaction, but this economic way we can help the patient to install the kit in a safe and easy and this method helps to reduce the melting of bone, In the front area of ​​the jaw where the pressure is distributed on the two plants and not on bone or tissue only. This method helps the patient regain his confidence and improve the level of physical and mental health as it helps the body to benefit from food and also gives the patient confidence and a sense of safety and not feel embarrassed.

Many studies have shown that the lower dentures called the two-button solution is easy and effective and leads to a significant improvement in the life of the patient compared to the normal full set, which confirms to all of us that this method is a good option for the patient for the reasons mentioned above and should be the method is the minimum treatment cases Loss of teeth in the lower jaw This is practiced in developed countries such as Sweden and the Netherlands. I hereby request that it be in our country to provide such treatment free of charge to the elderly in government hospitals and that health insurance companies cover such service for the elderly. It is possible then and in some cases add to the two plants to become the total number of four single seedlings or connected with each other and then the installation of the kit better and gives the patient a sense of security. In the biting of cases it is possible to do six doses and work a fixed set on it and this method is good but more expensive for the patient. In one important study, patients with two implants were compared to support and stabilize the inferior kit and patients with normal full dentures and found that in cases where they had implants, the level of the blood albumin was. Hemoglobin as well as B12 and carotene are higher than the second group with normal teeth. We conclude from the study that the use of two implants to support and stabilize the lower complete kit will improve the individual's health level by enabling the chewing of useful food. The body will be able to benefit well and will improve its mental state And physical.

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