Porcelain Vs. Ceramic Tiles: Understanding The Differences

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When renovating your house, choosing the right flooring is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make. Tiles can be an excellent option since they are durable and overall low-maintenance. However, with so many different types available on the market, how do you know which is best for your home? Let's talk about two popular options – porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles.

Well-made porcelain tiles in Melbourne are a great option for those looking for convenience and durability. They are made from finer clay than ceramic tiles, making them denser and water-resistant. This means that porcelain tiles can withstand more foot traffic than their counterparts and are less likely to absorb stains or moisture. Due to these qualities, porcelain floors can last up to 20 years with proper care, making them a sound investment in any household.

Ceramic tiles may seem like a lower-cost solution than their premium version - porcelain tiling; however, they have advantages too. Ceramic tile styles offer homeowners plenty of flexibility as they come in all sorts of designs, varying from plain white-coloured ones for subway-style kitchen backsplashes to bolder colours for vibrant bathroom walls or patterned styles perfect for hallways. Additionally, blackouts caused by power outages won't affect brightness levels when natural light comes through windows, so that ceramic-tiled areas can brighten up darker parts.

Below, we’ll discuss some key differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles. Read on!


Both materials require accuracy during installation, but if not handled carefully, there may be a higher risk of breakage when installing porcelain tiling due to density issues. However, this disadvantage becomes advantageous during long periods of high-pressure wear and tear situations around the house. On the other hand, ceramic is a lighter material than porcelain, isn't as tough, and is a much easier option to handle.


Porcelain tiles, by nature, are denser and non-porous, which means they can easily stand the test of time and resist chipping or scratching. Ceramic tiles, in contrast, may chip or scratch over time if not installed properly.


Pricing will always be an influencing factor when deciding between porcelain tiles vs. ceramic; however, considering the benefits in terms of durability that come with porcelain, it's worth investing more. The one thing on your mind then is ROI (Return On Investment); since high-quality and well-maintained porcelain floors will last for several years, there won't be any need for ongoing repair expenses, making this long-term investment worthwhile. Not that ceramic doesn't have its charm, but as mentioned above, their lifeline doesn't come up as long compared to a similar investment done on porcelain.

Water Absorption

For areas in your home where water retention tends to happen, i.e., showers/bathroom, it would make sense to opt for porcelain rather than other options like ceramic due to its nonporous nature, preventing damage or mould build-up. At the same time, ceramics are perfect for outdoor tiling requirements where natural weather elements could take a toll, leading to cracks over time.

Ultimately, whether you decide on porcelain tiles in Melbourne or opt for simple ceramics, your final decision depends on personal preferences and a few factors concerning longevity, durability, maintenance, and usage capacity. Choose stability and easy upkeep over cheapness. Furthermore, expert guidance from professionals would add an extra edge to your decision, so don't hesitate to contact them before reaching a decision.

In doing so, you'll get solid advice from people who live and breathe the tiling industry, ensuring they keep updated about the latest trends while answering specific queries surrounding durability questions arising from existing setups. Hiring an expert to provide such services goes hand-in-hand, ultimately helping homeowners avoid costly home renovations in the long run.

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