Perks of Enrolling Your Child to the Top School in Kolkata

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

Schools are mushrooming at nooks and corners. Indian metropolises like Kolkata have too many of them. There are hundreds of quality schools. Admitting your child to the top school in Kolkata is no less than winning the WWE world title. There are multiple benefits of admitting your child to the top school in Kolkata. We’re going to discuss them briefly. 

Prior to that, let’s discuss the features of schools in India, thousands of years ago.


Indian sub-continent has always been a beacon of light for the rest of the world. Thousands of years ago, when people of the rest of other parts of the world used to lead nomadic lives, in India, great Sanskrit scholars used to impart knowledge to their students.

We can draw a parallel between the ancient ‘Gurukul’ system and modern boarding schools. Key features of ‘Gurukul’ system were as follows:

1.     Teachers or ‘Gurus’ led ideal lives.

2.     ‘Gurus’ imparted knowledge without any selfish reasons.

3.     Students resided in ‘Gurus’’ houses.

4.     Students led disciplined lives.

5.     Students used to pay something to ‘Gurus’ as tokens of respect.

Prior to the colonial era, this had been the popular culture of education in India. Macaulay’s education system brought a huge change to the world of education in India. Our modern education is also based on Macaulay’s education system. Today, experienced educationists are in the opinion that we can uplift our education system by bringing a balance between modern and ancient education systems.

Features of the best educational institutes in India

Globally, the world of education has gone through a huge change. Best schools in Indian cities like Kolkata offer the best of both modern and ancient education systems.


1.     True education builds true humans. Best educational institutes in Kolkata offer value-based education. Schools aim to build humans with sharp minds and strong consciences.

2.     Schools implement best teaching techniques. Students become the central points of classroom activities.

3.     Rote learning is no longer the norm. How to develop problem-solving capabilities in students is the most important thing.

4.     Schools send teachers to workshops and seminars to keep themselves up-to-date. Teachers also learn about new teaching techniques. Teachers use modern teaching techniques, help students excel in their performances and be successful in future.

5.     Most of the modern schools in Kolkata aim for the complete development of students. They introduce yoga and meditation classes. Occasionally, schools also hold seminars presided over by life coaches.

6.     It is needless to say that schools maintain an international standard infrastructure. They maintain hi-tech classrooms, well-equipped labs, well-stocked reading zones, classes for physical education, modern auditoriums, advanced courts and playgrounds.

7.     Teachers apply innovative methods to assess the performances of students. Such methods help them guide their students in the best possible ways.

The best CBSE schools or the best ICSE schools prepare students to successfully face the challenges of the future. They prepare students to be productive for themselves and for society.

Today, the world needs the best humans. If not the schools, who else will contribute to this noble cause. Put more efforts in making the right decision for your child’s future. 

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