Passive Residual Income - What Your Job Can’t Offer

by Abhinav G. Movie Enthusiast

Everyone wants passive residual income or they would if they knew what it was. If you’re not sure what is residual income is, let me explain it. Residual means left over. So a residual income is that which is left over. Residual income is better than earned income as it does not require you to be physically present. Your income will be flowing regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

I started working with a network marketing company about 10 years ago. I worked hard for a few years and put customers and distributors on the books with the company. After my first few months, I started to be paid in multiple ways. I was paid for every customer I found. I was paid overrides for the customers my distributors found. Then I was paid an ongoing residual income on the customers, I had put on the books months earlier, and a bonus income on my distributors customers.

Every month as my distributors and I built our businesses, the residual income grew. For my reasons, I quit recruiting new people into that business 4 years ago. I still get paid on my customers and my distributors customers today, even though I have done almost no more work. This residual income stream is a passive residual income.

I was ill one month and couldn’t work. I still was paid. My wife couldn’t work, as she was caring for me. No problem, I had done the work years earlier so we got paid. This explains the power of residual income.

Others who receive this type income are inventors, celebrities like actors, actresses, music stars and others. They may make a movie, record a song, or invent something. Whenever their song is played, their movie shown, or their patent is used, they’re paid. Again, an example of passive residual income. Unfortunately, the percentage of actors, singers and inventors is small. Most simply do not have those talents.

Network market is the equal opportunity employer. Anyone who is teachable, can learn the basics of the industry, with the proper template to follow. Many network markets have also found that a good mentor can accelerate their success.

There are those companies that simply say anyone can do this business. While anyone can do the direct sales and network marketing businesses, many fail. The reasons for this are many, but a primary one is poor or lack of training. Those who purpose to be teachable and plug into proper training can and usually are successful in building their network marketing business and building up a strong residual income.

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