Paint Pop 3D: 6 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete All Levels

by John Clarke Freelancer
Paint Pop 3D is an addictive arcade game that has over a thousand levels. This game needs players to spray paint all over the wheels. Love it or hate it; this game is entertaining and challenging. Here are some tips and tricks to help you complete all levels of Paint Pop 3D.

6 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete All Paint Pop 3D Levels

Time well
One of the main qualities you should possess to master the game is patience. If you get anxious or want to rush things without having a concrete plan, then you are bound to lose. To master Pain Pop 3D, you need to be careful, calculative, and patient.

Make sure your shots are timed well, and it will allow you to shoot the spinning wheels and coat them with paint directly.  Do not get carried away while playing the game. When you reach a new level, take your time in getting acquainted with it. Observe the surroundings and plan ahead.

Pause between shots
As the pattern of the rotation is blades is not always regular, you should not be careless while shooting. Sometimes the blades start stuttering before rapidly moving forward again. Hence, you should avoid going full-auto and use single fires. When you shoot a bubble after another, then you will make lesser mistakes.

Each time you shoot a blade, you will have to replay the whole level. If you do not want to lose your progress, then just have some patience and be observant during the game.

Analyze the movement
When playing Paint Pop 3D, you should notice how the blades move. The plates vary in sizes and are obstacles. You have to avoid hitting the blades in the game. Thankfully, the blades normally follow a pattern. You can predict their movement, and overcome the obstacles easily.

The blades usually spin in the clockwise direction. At times, they start swinging or spinning anti-clockwise. Also, you should know that thin blades spin faster than the thick ones.

Use Near Miss
In the Paint Pop 3D game, you need to clear three stages to pass a level. Hence, you need to paint 3 different spinning wheels without making a mistake to move on to the next level. While it may look easy, the game is full of obstacles. You can use the Near Miss feature to get assistance. It offers a boost which helps you move to the next stage. This hued rainbow bar is located at the lower right corner of the screen. Whenever it is full, just tap it.

Maintain the winning streak
When playing the game, it is vital to maintain the winning streak. Hence, if you make a mistake, just hit the Continue button. Watch a video advertisement, and you will be able to continue from where you had left.

The initial levels are easy, but the missions become more difficult as the levels increase. For this reason, you should watch ads to continue with your winning streak.

Spend the Coins
As you play the game, you will notice that you have collected a chunk of coins. You can visit the shop and buy stuff from the coins. You can buy skins for your character as well. Just tap the Shop icon at the top right corner and buy whatever you want.

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