Organic Grass-Fed Ghee: How to Identify the Best Quality Ghee

by Milkio Foods Grass-Fed ghee from New Zealand

Organic grass-fed dairy farming consists of outdoor grazing on highly managed grasslands ruminants are allowed to consume large quantities of plant material as a source of energy and nutrients and to convert fibrous materials into valuable food products such as milk and meat. Pasture feeding has been demonstrated to have a positive impact on the nutrient profile of milk.

Organic ghee is a natural dairy product that offers plenty of health benefits. It is produced from pure and best quality raw materials like pure cow milk. For producing organic grass fed ghee manufacturers use the purest form of milk butter procured from 100% grass fed cows’ milk. As a result, organic grass fed ghee meets the highest quality standard.

What are the uses of Grass-Fed Ghee?

  • Organic ghee is perfect  for baking sauteing, deep fry, as well as for seasoning salads, etc.You can add raw ghee for coffee is a healthy option; if you want to reduce your body weight, add organic grass fed cow ghee, the best ghee for coffee, and turn your morning beverage into a health drink.

  • Organic ghee has several beauty benefits on hair and skin by external massage.

  • Health freaks following Keto diet can include organic ghee in their diet as a fat source.

  • Organic grass fed ghee is the best ghee for Keto for its umpteen fat content.

 How to verify the organic status?

Real organic grass fed cow ghee brand will have valid organic certification. If a ghee manufacturer claims his product as organic, it has to be legally certified.

For example, Milkio Foods produced organic cow ghee is certified by BioGro NZ, one of the largest and well-known certifier for organic produce and products in New Zealand. Milkio organic grass fed cow ghee is produced by using 100% grass fed healthy and happy cow milk.

You can easily check the purity of the ghee that you have purchased. Follow these instructions.

  • Melt one tablespoon of ghee and mix a few drops of iodine to it. If you see any kind of purple colour in the mix then the ghee has starch in it, which means it is impure.

  • *You can take a spoonful of ghee on your palm and check if the ghee starts melting. If yes, then it is pure cow ghee as pure ghee melts against our normal body temperature.

  • Add some sugar to a melted ghee bottle and shake it. Let it sit for 5–8 min and if any red colour appears on the bottom then it contains impurity of vegetable oil.

  • You can also check the shelf life of the ghee mentioned in the packaging. Good quality ghee has 12–18 months shelf life from the manufacturing date. If you want to buy 100% pure grass-fed organic cow ghee, buy Milkio grass fed organic cow ghee and enjoy all the ghee benefits at its best! This New Zealand ghee is one of the best organic ghee in its category. You can buy this premium quality organic ghee online and from regular stores.

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