Optional Wudu (Ablution) or Tayammum (Dry Ablution)

by Ady Grewal Content writer
Wudu is an Islamic term which is performed before offering the Salah (Prayer). Without Wudu there is no permission to offer the Salah. Indeed, Salah requires purity as itself makes the soul pure. The significance of Salah is explicated with this Hadith, “Allah’s Apostle once said to companions, “Will the filths will remain on the body of the man by bathing in the stream five times a day? They answered in negative affirmation. 

Hence, the Messenger of Allah (SWT) told that the same is the case of five times offering the Salah. Allah (SWT) eradicates all the sins of a man when he arranges the Salah five times a day. There is another non-mandatory Ibadah such as Umrah which also removes the previous sins and people through Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah packages London are getting salvation in the Holy Kaaba. 

Since Wudu is performed with water and water is an essential part of washing the body. Islam gives the maximum relaxation to its followers because there is no vindictiveness in Islam. That’s why in different actions Islam reduces the performing actions such as during the journey Salah is reduced as half and many more. As for us, the concern is Tayammum (Dry Ablution), so it is an optional Wudu in the absence of water. 

Tayammum is applied when there is no water at a certain distance according to Sharia or person is in the state of severe disease. Indeed water is the greatest blessing of Allah (SWT) due to surviving. The significance of water is shown in the Holy Kaaba by Zamzam water and pilgrims are taking several advantages by the guidance of Top 10 UK Umrah Agents For Umrah Pilgrimage Services in order to perform Umrah. 

In what circumstances Tayammum is performed?

When water is absent or just in an insufficient amount.
Having no access to water.
Saving the water for life survival.
In the state of disease when water could increase the coldness.

Thus, Tayammum is performed as follows:

1. First, make the Niyyah (Intention) and say “Bismillah” 
2. Strike both hands on the pure surface of the earth, wall, sand, stone or concrete.
3. Remove the particles of sand by shaking the hands.
4. Wipe the whole face.
5. Wipe the left hand on right arm down from wrist to down to the elbow. And wipe the right hand on left arm from wrist to down to the elbow.

This is totally scholarly recommendation according to sharia, however, Allah (SWT) better knows. 

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