Optimization of PPC Services For Better ROI

by Prem Singhania

PPC or Pay-Per-Click service is one of the most innovative advertising strategies designed to increase website traffic using Google’s Adwords. The primary role of this service is to create optimized keywords used within the ad campaigns. PPC services capture targeted audience’s attention so that they can click on the ad of the company and lead to the website.  

PPC services could be a game-changer for small businesses. If businesses want to get the best result, they need to be strategic in their approach in order to develop search advertising campaigns. Additionally, businesses can choose PPC optimization to improve their paid search advertising campaign’s performance and meet their business goals. When it comes to optimizing PPC services, here are tops ways that will help small businesses to boost their PPC ROI.

Top 5 Ways To Optimize PPC Services

 Look at your account structure: The first thing that you need to look is your account structure. If the foundation of PPC campaigns is not optimized, you might struggle to make an improvement to your campaigns as it would be quite difficult to improve PPC over time. There are two main PPC accounts that need to be optimized, including campaigns and groups.

  • Campaigns: Start organizing your campaigns by relevant themes. Each campaign should have different ad groups that focus on chosen keywords. Set your budget at the campaign level and decide which campaign topic will help you allocate your PPC marketing budget before creating ad groups.
  • Groups: Under each campaign, there should be relevant ad groups and each one is more specific than the campaign level. All these ad groups should have approx 10 – 20 keywords that trigger your ads when users type them in Google.

Once you have created ad groups, look for the ways to optimize and create more targeted groups.

Choose the best keyword that matches your objective: When you create a text ad for your AdWords PPC ad campaign, you have a choice to use several keyword match types, including broad match, modified broad match, phrase match, or exact match. Consider all the pros and cons of each choice before selecting the right type of keyword for your campaign.

Identify negative keywords: Another way to improve your PPC is to use negative keywords. Negative keywords are words that will not show your ads in the search engine results. You can use negative keywords for search users that are not a good fit for your brand. Using negative keywords is highly beneficial as it will save you from a number of unwanted clicks by uninterested users.

Determine customer acquisition costs: In order to improve your PPC ROI, this step is very helpful. Determine your customer acquisition costs and calculate your average customer value. This will help you determine how much you can spend to acquire that customer.

When it comes to calculating the cost of customer acquisition for PPC campaigns, simply divide the cost of your PPC ad campaign by the number of customers that were acquired via that campaign.

Know your testing factors: A/B testing plays a significant role in order to optimize your ads and achieve a high PPC. If you want to boost your business ROI, you need to implement A/B test with different elements of your PPC ad campaigns until you find the perfect combination. There are four elements that allow you to test in order to optimize your ads, including

  • Headline: As the name suggests, it comes as a blue link in the search results. It is something that reflects what you are offering in 4-5 words.
  • Body text: It is similar to a Meta tag and provides users more information about what you are offering.
  • Ad Link: This ad link is the page that is linked to your ad. It should target your landing page that relates to your ad.
  • Keywords: You can test your keywords that your ad appears for.

A/B testing takes time. However, it provides the best results in the end. By testing each element to your ad for each ad campaign, you can easily maximize your PPC.


PPC services boost your business ROI directly or indirectly. When it comes to increasing traffic to the website, professional PPC services play a critical role in any business. Being a business owner, if you want to optimize your PPC services, simply follow best practice. The above tips are the right starting points that will help you optimize your PPC ads for better ROI. In addition to this, if you want more advanced PPC services, you are suggested to work with a reputed agency that provides excellent PPC services.

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