Oil Vaping Tips for Beginners & Intermediate Vapers

by Anna Rose Blogger

Vaping has lately been a trend that no one can escape. While some forms of vaping can be dangerous, vaping oils and dry herbs are considered to be quite a therapy. Vaping has been helping many people to deal with stress, quit smoking, and get rid of flu-like symptoms.

Well, if you have chosen vaping for such reasons, congratulations! You’re on the right track. And if you’re here to find out about the best vaping tips to make your experience outstanding, then you’re probably going to get benefitted.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can use your essential oil vape pen to make the most of it and some tips that will make your vaping experience much more enjoyable.

Before we start on the tips, you must know that a good oil vape pen works best under skilled hands and it doesn’t disappoint noob vaper either. Therefore, before you start vaping, you must invest in a premium quality vape kit. If you have a great vaporizer, you can learn exactly how to vape with the small knowledge and some simple tricks. This article will tell you exactly what to do with the vape pen so that all the beginner and intermediate vapers can learn how to make the most out of the device they have invested in:

#ProTip 1: Shallow Puffs Are Always Better

You may feel like taking a deep puff while you’re in the motion but this could be your most drastic mistake and might ruin your experience completely. You may crave thick vapor as you see the experienced taking the deep puff but they are pros and they know exactly when to stop. You have not been there yet. Therefore, fight the temptation to take shallower puffs because deep ones are going to be too harsh on your throat and lungs. They can be very intense as well. Stick with shallow puffs for now and you will learn what works for you with time and experience.

#ProTip 2: Keep Check on the Temperature

Temperature plays an essential role in deciding what kind of vapors your device will produce. The temperature you should set for your vape pen depends on the type of oil you’re vaping. Some oils vaporize at less temperature while others need more heating to produce vapors. If you want a consistent vaping experience, invest in a vape pen that can deliver consistent temperature range and has reliable control system.

Your vape pen should also provide lower wattage because vaping is quite satisfying at lower temperatures. Low temperature vaping produce smooth vapors and you can a less intense flavour which is good for your experience. As temperatures begin to increase, the vapor becomes thicker. For the best vape pens for dabs, you should buy a vaporizer that is capable of withstanding higher temperatures without burning the essential oils.

#ProTip3: Control Your Temptations & Be Conservative

It might tempt you to jump in head first and you can’t deny it. Many beginner vapers have already been there. But this approach is definitely not the best option for you. If you are a beginner, it’s smart to act conservative initially. Going for everything at once as a beginner might burn through your oils and concentrates so quickly that you won’t be able to handle the intensity of your vapors. This can also put you off vaping and you might not want to try it again. This is how bad it is.

If you take a slow and steady approach, you will be able to experience smooth vapor and analyze the levels certain of vaping that your body is most comfortable with. High temperatures might burn your oils and produce the harsh vapors that your body will not enjoy at all. On the other hand, increasing your temperatures bit by bit allows you to find your own sweet spot.

#ProTip 4: The Quality of Your Oil

There are a number of oils in the market that you can choose from. What flavor you choose doesn’t matter, but the quality of the oil that you have chosen matters a lot. Even if you are using a high quality oil vape pen, cheap and low quality oils can ruin your whole experience. Find the reputed brand of essential oils and invest only in premium quality. Read their safety guidelines and regulations properly so that you know what’s going inside your vape pen. Different types of oils have different kinds of impact on your vaping experience and they exhibit different kinds of healing effects. You should learn more about the effects of different oils to choose the best one for you.

#ProTip 5: The Best Vape Pen

Your vaping experience doesn’t only depend on how you use your vape pen but also on the quality of the vape pen itself. Therefore, choose the vape pen that takes care of flavor as well as the safety. The oil vape pens from SkyBlue Vapor qualify well in terms of safety, temperature control, and most satisfying vapors. You can invest in their vape pens with the latest technology for better and safer vaping experience.

For vapers, getting vape pens with the latest technology is a safer and better experience.

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