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Drug prices in the US have increased by 32% in the past five years, with some specialty medications such as the ones used for the management of rheumatoid arthritis or treating anaphylaxis experiencing as much as a 90% price increase.[1] The increasing cost of prescriptions is fueled further due to the introduction of new brand biologics and branded medications that face no competition for years. Branded drugs account for the major share of healthcare products used by the people in the US. 

Insurance plans negioate with manufacturers and they will often choose to cover medications that provide the highest rebate payments back to the plan, this is not beneficial for the  patients but helps  the pharmacy benefit managers and employers who are negotiating contracts. .

Contributing factors for medication price rise

Due to the inception of Medicare and Medicaid programs, manufacturers have been able to increase the cost of medications. Population aging, a growing number of people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and blood pressure, and increased utilization of medical services are among the contributing factors for the rising healthcare costs in the USA. High premiums, deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket expenses further add to the cumulative increase in healthcare costs. 

A final factor in the rising drug prices is the growing use of personalized medicine and customized drug therapy. By enabling each patient to receive earlier diagnosis and optimal treatments, personalized medicine helps in improving patient outcomes. These precision medicines provide predictable and powerful healthcare that is customized for the individual patient, and are usually expensive.

Generics and biosimilars to lower medication prices

Changing patent protections and allowing more generics to enter the markets can help in lowering the medications’ price. Generics have the same active ingredient as the brand-name drugs and need to pass stringent criteria to be approved by the FDA. Biosimilars can also be considered by the caregivers as an affordable alternative to the expensive brand biologics. Biosimilars have no clinically meaningful differences in terms of safety and effectiveness compared to FDA-approved biologic products.

Affording access to the treatment

The pharmaceutical industry has introduced some major innovations in the prescription medications in the last few years, including many lifesaving and cancer medications, treatments for weight gain, specialty biological, painkillers and antibiotics. However, the continuing rise in prescription medications is a source of concern for the patients and healthcare providers. Drug discount cards and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) can help patients manage the costs and save on meds by affording access to the treatment they need.

EzRx drug discount card

When the medication prices are within the budget, everyone in the family can live and work at their healthiest, but if they become unaffordable, it may exact a heavy toll on the health of the family and the society at large. Due to the rising medication costs, many people skip their medications. In many cases, those who refuse treatment have health insurance but can not afford the copays or deductibles. EzRx drug savings card is designed to help you save on medication costs with insurance and make treatment affordable to you with discounted drug prices as you may get many medications at a lower price with EzRx drug card than with your insurance especially if you are enrolled in a high deductible plan.

EzRx drug card is a Free prescriptions savings card for all those who want to save on meds, irrespective of their coverage, age or income. 

Save on meds with EzRx drug card

EzRx drug discount card can be used to save on medications at over 65,000 pharmacies across the USA, including major chains such as Walgreens, Kroger, Rite-Aid, Safeway, CVS, Winn Dixie and Publix. We have partnered with local and retail pharmacies all over the USA for prescription medication savings by allowing the cardholders discounts of up to 85% on brand-name and generic medications. Check drug prices at for the lowest prescription medication price and deeper discounts at a retail pharmacy near you.

Download your drug card

Send the keyword “EZRX” to mobile number 21000 to get your free digital drug saving card. The card will be sent to your mobile phone and it can be used immediately as it is delivered activated with lifetime validity. You can also download your prescription savings card from for free. You need not provide us any of your personal information, and we do not share your information with the outside sources. Use your EzRx drug discount card can be used on all medications and can serve as a discount card for flu vaccines, Albuterol prescription savings, benzonatate, or as an Adipex discount card and saving on prescription drugs that you or your family needs. The card can be shared with family, friends and colleagues to also help them with their medication savings.


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