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NATURAL WAYS TO INCREASE FERTILITY : Have you been trying to urge pregnant or are you only beginning to try? If want to offer your body the absolute best chance of conceiving, there are important, yet natural ways to extend fertility that you simply can do on your own and feel amazing within the process.

Couple Fertility Treatments


In the U.S., 10-15% of couples experience trouble getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. That number sounds small, but it equates to many men and ladies.

Why? One reason is that humans are the foremost inefficient reproducers of all mammals. A wonderfully healthy 20-year-old couple, with perfect eggs and sperm, a 28-day cycle, open fallopian tubes and an unobstructed uterus only features a 15-20% chance of getting pregnant during a given month.

With all of this in mind, our goal at Origin Clinic is give you the Fertility Treatment and convey awareness to your fertility health, while at an equivalent time eliminating the stigma of “infertility.” By understanding how your body works and your goals for family building, you and your partner can take hold of your fertility health early-on for the simplest chance of conceiving and a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Treatment for Couples: What You Need to Know


Stop smoking. Did you recognize that up to 13% of infertility could be caused by smoking? If you and/or your partner smoke, Whilst few as five cigarettes each day can lower your ability to urge pregnant. It prematurely ages eggs and diminishes egg count, to not mention what it’s doing to the remainder of your body.

Proper nutrition. Balanced nutrition is another one among the natural ways to extend fertility. One major factor for optimum health is controlling your insulin with a diet. This is often vital to the assembly of hormones and other bodily functions necessary for fertility.

It is also vital to notice, once pregnant, ideal dietary intake is even more critical for the expansion of your unborn child. If you follow these simple, sense rules, you’ll begin to optimize your health with the simplest food choices and hydration.

  • First – cut out the maximum amount processed food and nutriment as possible. Not only do they contain chemical additives and useless calories, they contribute to unhealthy glucose fluctuations, added body fat, and a sluggish metabolism.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables sort of a sort of lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, chard, cabbage, kale, and brussels sprouts, also as squash and sweet potatoes. These foods support egg quality and health.
  • Snack on fruits like blueberries and cherries that are high in beneficial flavonoids and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Eat lean meats that are as natural as possible (grass-fed, free-range, organic). Extra protein is useful for minimizing some pregnancy complications. Nuts and eggs also are good protein sources.
  • Get many healthy fat from vegetable oil, copra oil, olives, avocados, ghee, and organic meats like grass-fed beef and pork. Good fats help your cells stay healthy, produce needed energy, and aid in ovulation. this might be contrary to what you’ve wiped out the past, but it’s important for a healthy pregnancy (and a healthy life).
  • Drink many filtered water and avoid sugary drinks and sugar-free chemical substitutes. Hydration is significant to a healthy body and pregnancy.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol. The jury remains out on whether caffeine affects fertility. Recent research shows that a minimal amount (1-2 cups of coffee per day) is safe, however, we recommend avoiding it if you’ll. Drinking alcohol has been proven to extend the time it takes to urge pregnant and reduce the prospect of getting a healthy baby. For men, it can cause impotence and affect the standard of their sperm.

Vitamins and supplements. If you’re trying to conceive and have any health issues, it’s best to debate what vitamins and supplements are going to be safest and best for you together with your doctor.

If you’re relatively healthy and need to undertake supplementing on your own, we highly recommend starting months before you get pregnant, especially with folate and selenium, additional Omega-3s like krill oil or cod liver oil, also as vitamin D3, vitamin C, B vitamins, and Zinc. Prenatal vitamins are an honest thanks to get just what you would like to spice up your system.

Weight. an excessive amount of body fat (more than 28%), also as insufficient (15-18%), can impair your ability to urge pregnant. an excessive amount of fat produces an excessive amount of insulin along side a number of other hormonal and stress-induced negative effects on your body. Losing just 5-10 pounds can make a difference. Insufficient body fat can inhibit ovulation

Exercise. Getting adequate exercise is another of the natural ways to extend fertility. Continue what you’re wont to if it doesn’t fall under the “intense” category. If you’re not one for organized exercise, several hours per week of sunshine activities like walking, riding bikes, and gardening will help.

Lifestyle factors. A high-stress career or lifestyle, long working hours, lack of sleep, and an absence of self-care will take their toll. All of those contribute to an outsized hormonal imbalance and fluctuations that make a fight-or-flight cycle that limits your body’s ability to specialise in anything but survival.

Try to make time for yourself. Meditate daily, take an extended hot bath, or simply curl with a book rather than being in constant motion. this may allow your body to relax and performance at more optimal levels.


These guidelines won’t only help increase your chances of fertility, They will ease PMS symptoms, PCOS, and pain from endometriosis; heavy periods, and lots of other health-related issues. You’ll even reduce, see improved insulin levels and better hormonal function, have a more positive attitude, and realize a number of other wonderful benefits.


If you’re under 35 and are trying to conceive for one year, over 35 and are trying to conceive for six months, or have irregular periods or no periods, then we recommend you schedule a meeting with one among our caring, experienced fertility physicians at Origin Clinic.

Infertility treatments are available many forms, so don’t hesitate to contact us today and begin Couple Fertility Treatments.

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