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My Survival FarmMy Survival Farm Review: In any disaster or event that affects infrastructure on a national level, the first system to become unstable is the food supply system. This book promises to enrich you with substantial valuable knowledge to let you sustain in a major catastrophe. The author of My Survival Farm is Dan F Sullivan. Dan F Sullivan is an expert in the field of agriculture and has been a renowned gardener for many years. The permaculture agricultural technique that he describes here is based on the works of Jeanie and Elizabeth who are respected experts in the field.This means that all of the information you get is incredibly reliable and useful. It is one of the most popular and in-depth guides to personal farming on the market today.My Survival Farm

Have you heard that creating your own food during a crisis will keep you and your family alive? The first part of this guide will go in depth on how to design and plan out your survival farm. It consists of detailed steps that are simple and easy to follow. The main idea of the program is teaching you what to eat and how to feed your family too. It’s a practical method for creating sustainable ways of growing food while working with nature. As a matter of fact, you don’t necessarily need to wait until a calamity happens. You can start growing your vegetables now. With the unraveling of the crisis, wise people have already started taking precautionary measures for their survival. And the crisis is most probably going to loom over for nearly two decades. Therefore, you need such an enormous amount of stockpile for survival during this impending disaster. Growing your own food will make you more careful about what you eat and drink. Creating your own survival farm will help you to grow large variety of healthy veggies which include beans, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and so on. In addition to this, you can also plant lots of fruits trees to get the healthy fruits for all time. Plus, it does not require a great effort and the results appear in no time.My Survival Farm

My Survival Farm

Basically, you will be ready for any situation that might occur and that might occur. Disposing of the necessary supplies grants you with your safety and that of your family. When you are thinking of this kind of permaculture garden, you are probably equating it to a backyard garden that can only take vegetables. With this course, you will be exposed to how you can cultivate up to 125 varieties of plants in your backyard. In your survival garden, you’ll be able to grow all the nutritious and fast-growing foods that your family direly needs to keep their immunity boosted and stomachs full. The list of over 50 different medicinal plants in this guide comes with detailed growing instructions for each one. This will provide you with an effective way to grow your own natural remedies and medicine, this garden doesn’t need a lot of space neither will you require to invest a lot of money into your project. It comes with a money back refund and its online, allowing you to begin the process of knowing instantly. You can also find a great many complimentary products and accessories, that assist you grow your understanding foundation still more.

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There is a disease called "Secondary Secondary Disease", which refers to the second grade of junior high school students, due to the development of self-awareness, they often show rebellious and pretentious symptoms.

People are not in the middle of the second in vain. Our class used to be a place where the "secondary disease" broke out.

The squad leader has become our imaginary enemy. We have 10,000 reasons to hate him collectively. One of the most important points is that he is so flattering!

Obviously everyone took turns to wipe the blackboard, so he wanted to rush to wipe the blackboard under the teacher's nose. Flattering is enough for this.

Moreover, he also showed that he loves to learn. How can anyone like learning such a boring thing? It is enough to please the teacher for this purpose.

The most unbearable thing is that our every move can't escape the teacher's eyes. Who else will make a small report besides him? "Selling friends to beg Rong to be traitors" is really enough!

The second grade of junior high school is destined to be an era when poor students despise top students.

But neither whispering nor cynicism did not shake the squad leader's flattering spirit. Moreover, the squad leader’s tricks seemed to work, and the teachers smiled when they mentioned him.

Out of jealousy and disgust, we decided to teach him a little lesson. One day, while the squad leader was away, we applied a layer of wax oil to his exercise book. The wax oil was so thin that it was indistinguishable, but if you want to write a word on it, it is more difficult than reaching the sky.

This squad leader can't be a good baby, because he can't finish the homework in this magical exercise book. We can't help but chuckle when we think of the squad leader fighting alone under the night lights in vain, and thinking of the teacher's disappointment and severe reprimand the next day.

The next day, we waited for the squad leader to make a fool of himself and waited for him to settle the accounts.

As a result, everything was calm. He wrote the answers on white paper, cut them into small pieces and pasted them in the corresponding positions in the workbook, without saying a word.

Where the monitor is a scheming person, he loves to learn and he does not pretend.

He was misunderstood by us because he was not sick when we were all sick.

We always use popular standards to measure others.


For example, to be generous, to be sleek, to marry a wife and have children, to make money to support a family.

We can easily understand such a person and call him a winner. Moreover, we can't wait to squeeze everyone into this mold and become a layman in compliance with the rules, even if the rules are just the rules of a group of laymen.

Please remember: thinking people are not too gregarious everywhere.

Don't try to make everyone understand you, it will make you look cheap.

People always want to be understood by all people and hope that others can understand themselves, but if all people understand that you understand you, where does your personality stand out? No one will think that you are so special anymore, you are different from others, you will only become a person who is too ordinary, even if you walk face to face with others, you will be automatically ignored.

Everyone is an island in the world.

Not being understood, it’s not that you are too outrageous in one aspect, it is likely that you are too good in one aspect.

If everyone understands you, how ordinary you should be. If you are unwilling to be mediocre, then accept that it is not understood!

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