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My Survival FarmMy Survival Farm Review: In any disaster or event that affects infrastructure on a national level, the first system to become unstable is the food supply system. This book promises to enrich you with substantial valuable knowledge to let you sustain in a major catastrophe. The author of My Survival Farm is Dan F Sullivan. Dan F Sullivan is an expert in the field of agriculture and has been a renowned gardener for many years. The permaculture agricultural technique that he describes here is based on the works of Jeanie and Elizabeth who are respected experts in the field.This means that all of the information you get is incredibly reliable and useful. It is one of the most popular and in-depth guides to personal farming on the market today.My Survival Farm

My Survival Farm

Have you heard that creating your own food during a crisis will keep you and your family alive? The first part of this guide will go in depth on how to design and plan out your survival farm. It consists of detailed steps that are simple and easy to follow. The main idea of the program is teaching you what to eat and how to feed your family too. It’s a practical method for creating sustainable ways of growing food while working with nature. As a matter of fact, you don’t necessarily need to wait until a calamity happens. You can start growing your vegetables now. With the unraveling of the crisis, wise people have already started taking precautionary measures for their survival. And the crisis is most probably going to loom over for nearly two decades. Therefore, you need such an enormous amount of stockpile for survival during this impending disaster. Growing your own food will make you more careful about what you eat and drink. Creating your own survival farm will help you to grow large variety of healthy veggies which include beans, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and so on. In addition to this, you can also plant lots of fruits trees to get the healthy fruits for all time. Plus, it does not require a great effort and the results appear in no time.My Survival Farm

Basically, you will be ready for any situation that might occur and that might occur. Disposing of the necessary supplies grants you with your safety and that of your family. When you are thinking of this kind of permaculture garden, you are probably equating it to a backyard garden that can only take vegetables. With this course, you will be exposed to how you can cultivate up to 125 varieties of plants in your backyard. In your survival garden, you’ll be able to grow all the nutritious and fast-growing foods that your family direly needs to keep their immunity boosted and stomachs full. The list of over 50 different medicinal plants in this guide comes with detailed growing instructions for each one. This will provide you with an effective way to grow your own natural remedies and medicine, this garden doesn’t need a lot of space neither will you require to invest a lot of money into your project. It comes with a money back refund and its online, allowing you to begin the process of knowing instantly. You can also find a great many complimentary products and accessories, that assist you grow your understanding foundation still more.

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Before graduating from university, I saw my classmates successively received foreign postgraduate admission notices. I saw my classmates sign contracts with international companies one after another. But I was empty-handed. Suddenly I was at a loss and had trouble sleeping and eating. Then I started to lose sleep and eventually developed into Depressed.

I have read a lot of spiritual growth books, and I understand the various realms of growth. I can export the principles of strong life into chapters. I thought that if I understood the philosophy of life, I could have a strong heart, my life. Can advance and retreat leisurely, I originally thought I could easily pass the ups and downs of life. However, at the crossroads of life, a graduate of a major university, filled with chicken soup, full of longing for tomorrow, but I was vulnerable to setbacks, and I was completely disappointed in my spiritual growth.

   When my father asked me to receive a remote psychological consultation from Teacher Feng Darong, I said to the teacher: "The growth of my soul is deceptive and has no practical meaning!"

Teacher    did not answer me directly, but told me a story.

One day, Su Dongpo came up on a whim and wrote a poem at his fingertips: "The sky is in the middle of the sky, and the light is bright. The eight winds can't move, sitting on the purple lotus." The whole poem expresses Su Dongpo's admiration for the Buddha and praises the Buddha. His compassion and kindness, and praised the Buddha for being able to stop water in any situation.

   After writing this poem, Su Dongpo repeatedly recited it and was very satisfied. He thought it would be difficult for him to have such a masterpiece without his profound insights into the Dharma and his own brilliant pen. So Su Dongpo gave his masterpiece to the abbot of Zen Master Fo Yin, thinking that such a masterpiece would definitely be praised and affirmed by Zen Master. Guizong Temple is on Mount Lu, across the river from Huangzhou, Su Dongpo sent someone to put the poems on the letter paper and send it over.

   Zen master opened the letterhead and saw the poem and knew Su Dongpo's intention to send people. The Zen master was Su Dongpo's best friend for many years, so he wanted to take this opportunity to beat Su Dongpo, so he wrote the word "Fart" at the bottom of the letter, and the messenger sent the letter back. Su Dongpo took the letter paper he sent back and saw the word "Fart" written on the letter. Su Dongpo's hopeful appreciation instantly vanished, thinking that the Buddha seal didn't understand appreciation, so he wrote the word "Fart" Humiliated me, and crossed the river angrily to find Zen Master Foyin to make a theory.

   Zen master knew Su Dongpo's character well, so he thanked the guests behind closed doors and went to clean up alone. Su Dongpo was already full of grievances, and no matter what "closed door to thank the guests", he went straight to the Zen Master Foyin's room. Su Dongpo was about to push open the door of the Buddhist room, and suddenly saw a note hanging beside the door, which read uprightly: Eight winds can't move, and a fart across the river. Su Dongpo felt ashamed and embarrassed. He immediately realized his problem. He used to think that he really knew how to cultivate the mind. But the Zen master’s word "fart" made him hurried across the river, indicating that his heart is full of emotions, and also that he is It's just a verbal understanding of cultivating the mind, but there is no real practice and demonstration, so there will be no substantial changes in life. After realizing his own problems, Su Dongpo began to practice his mind steadily, and finally achieved enlightenment in studying Buddhism.

After the teacher finished telling the story, it suddenly dawned on me that everything I did in the past was verbal skills. Although I often talked about the principles of mind-cultivation in front of people, this knowledge is only my verbal ability, not Transformed into one's own mental abilities, this is what everyone calls slang. And to cultivate one's heart is to make one's inner heart truly "unmovable", that is, when one encounters all kinds of confusion, one's inner heart remains still. This is proof.

   Through more than three months of growth, I have completely said goodbye to depression. Today, I have less effort in my mouth and more inner precipitation, and I have recovered the happy life I have dreamed of for many years.

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