Must-Try Japanese Food in Dubai - 2020

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Must-Try Japanese Food in Dubai - 2020

When we think about Japanese food, we consequently consider sushi or ramen. However, in reality, Japan has a varied unique cuisine that goes beyond just rice and fish. With this blog, we will assist you with having a progressively expounded view about the Japanese nourishment culture, so you can realize what to order at the Japanese restaurant and furthermore here to go to have the best gastronomic experience. Visit the best Japanese restaurant in Dubai for tasty Japanese food.

Below is the best Japanese cuisine to feel Japan through its varied flavors:


The first is the most famous Japanese dish, which the vast majority associate Japan is with Sushi. Sushi is an iconic dish all around the globe and comprises a bit of rice prepared with a rice vinegar blend (made with sugar and salt) mixed in with various ingredients - an assortment of nori, fish, and vegetables. Contingent upon the shape and fixings that are utilized, sushi can be Oshi sushi, Maki sushi, Temaki sushi, Nigiri sushi and so on. Find here the best sushi restaurants Dubai.

You can utilize the chopsticks to get the bits of sushi and plunge them into wasabi, soya sauce or both, as per your preferences.


Another very well known alternative to appreciate the oriental enhance is Ramen, a wheat noodles bowl served in a miso soup or soy sauce blended in with numerous sorts of ingredients. The most common toppings are slices of pork, green onions, seaweed, and egg; yet the most significant side of this dish is the soup, which differs a great deal contingent upon the eatery. Know here whats the best Japanese restaurant in Dubai for Ramen.

The flavor is extremely one of a kind, not the same as anything you at any point tasted previously and can be exceptionally concurring on where you order it. The manner in which the pork is cooked makes it so delicate that it breaks into pieces when you get it with your chopsticks. With one bowl of ramen and one more side dish, you can be certain that when you finish your supper, you will be completely satisfied.


Tempura is all the more a snack than a dish and is made essentially from vegetables and seafood that have been battered and pan-fried, prepared with a sauce made with soy sauce, sugar, and ginger. Tempura is also prepared from fish and fowl. 

The size of the piece must have the option to be eaten in one bite and when it is deep-fried, it is taken care of not to be more oily. Tempura is presented with Tetsuyu sauce that it is a blend of sweet sake, consomme, ginger, soy sauce, spices, and radish. Know the list of top 5 Japanese Restaurants in Dubai 2019.

Miso Soup

Miso Soup a side dish frequently devoured by the Japanese. The word missoshiru implies fermented soy broth, comprising of two words where misso signifies & fermented soya and shiru, & soup. It is normally prepared with hondashi, chives, soy, tofu, and other vegetables are included. The misoshiru is served before serving the main course. It is generally served with pretty much every dish. This is a must-try dish if you want to rise yourself in the Japanese gastronomic culture.

One can try the ONI lounge & Restaurant located in Dubai's Shangri-La Hotel on Sheik Zayed Road. Oni lounge and restaurant is a vivacious and enticing social dining concept delivering genuine Japanese food and street nourishment. For more details visit

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