Most Common Pests During Fall And How To Deal With Them

by Brittany W. Content Writer

With the weather becoming cooler, many rodents and insects infest homes and businesses for food and shelter. This makes fall a busy time for those involved in commercial pest control in Palm Beach Gardens.

Many insects and pests are actually harmless. But many of them carry diseases, damage property or harm pets and people.

Preventing their entry by identifying and blocking the points they could invade through. You can take the help of pest control services to prevent or treat an infestation.

Stink Bugs

Brown marmorated stink bugs are the bane of many during the fall. They not only emit a strong stench when they feel threatened or squashed but also spoil clothing and furniture with their droppings.

These critters hide in personal belongings and cars to make their way into your homes. You should always check your belongings for these bugs before bringing them in. 

Use vacuum or soda bottles to trap them before disposing of them. Call an exterminator if needed. 

Box-Elder Bugs

Box-elder bugs are also notorious for the odor they emit. These bugs are dark brown or black with red markings. They usually inhabit box elder, maple or ash but seek warmer areas during the winter.

Spray your exterior with a residual insecticide to kill any bug that may crawl or remain over it for some time. Do it during spring and fall when they’re most active. With this, you prevent a large swarm from invading your house.


Many people travel for sporting events or vacations during the fall, bringing bedbugs with them. These little blood-sucking insects are very sneaky. They enter homes by latching onto clothes, suitcases and car seats. 

They hide in mattresses, sofas, etc. When staying at a motel, look for droppings on the mattress or curtains to be sure. When returning, check your clothes and luggage for these bugs before relaxing.

It’s hard to get rid of them once they enter your home and start breeding. You’ll need an exterminator to get rid of them thoroughly.

Rats And Mice

Rats and mice are active throughout the year though start looking for food and shelter during fall. They carry many diseases and could damage wires, fabrics, etc. They can enter through holes as small as a nickel and create holes in the foundation.

You need to seal gaps all around your home to prevent them from entering your home. Install weatherstrips to your doors, windows, etc. Look for gaps and cracks before sealing them. Use airtight containers to protect your food, never leave them open.

Look for signs like tracks on the ground, gnawing marks on furniture, bad smell, droppings, etc. Call pest control specialists in Jensen Beach if you suspect an infestation.


Bees are active during the autumn because they are preparing themselves for the winter. They are busy collecting as many nutrients as possible. They also tend to be more aggressive during the fall and may sting people.

Despite this, you should consider removing them without killing them. Bees are essential for pollination and global food supplies by extension.


Ladybugs are harmless but seek refuge at homes during fall and winter in large swarms. They prefer high places in attics, porches, garages, etc. Crushing them emits a strong smell so you should avoid it.

You can sweep and release them or vacuum them up. A residual pesticide can help prevent them from entering. Natural options can also help. Consider cloves with bay leaves to repel them, diatomaceous earth to dry out their exoskeleton or light traps.


Some spider species become more active and visible this time of the year. It’s mating season for many of them. Most of them are harmless and can help control bug infestations. But watch out for black widows and brown recluse spiders.

To prevent them from infesting your place, take down any webs you see and switch off exterior lights at night.

These are just some common pests that infest homes during the fall. Take precautions against them, look for their signs and call pest management services if needed.

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