More Infectious Disease in Nursing

by Julia Lopez Student
The infectious diseases are considered to be important disorders that are caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi and virus. All these organisms reside on human bodies and they are harmful under several conditions. This might cause several forms of infectious diseases and thus those are passed from one individual to another. It has been found that there are several infectious diseases that are transmitted through animal bites or insect bites. Moreover, there are some diseases that are acquired through contamination of the water and the food that is exposed to different forms of organisms in nature. On the other hand, several other infectious diseases such as chicken pox and measles can be prevented with the help of vaccines.

Infectious disease

It is the responsibility of the individuals to protect these diseases through frequent hand washing and thus keep one protected from those infections. Further, it can be said that each of these infectious disease has their own signs and symptoms and it is important to seek medical attention as and when required. This will prevent the individuals to stay away from different forms of infections and lead a healthy lifestyle. There are several causes of these infectious diseases such as bacteria, virus, parasites, fungi. All these factors can cause multitude of diseases and thus they are transmitted from one individual to another. The most important way to get rid of these infectious diseases is to spread the direct transfer of these infectious diseases is to spread the diseases through the direct transfer of bacteria. This will occur among the individuals through direct touch or through coughing, sneezing or other related activities. It can be said that these germs can spread easily through the exchange of body fluids or through sexual contact. The individual who spreads the germs might not have any symptoms of the diseases and is simply considered to be a carrier.

On the other hand, in some cases, it has been found that the infection may transmit from animal to person and it can make the individual sick in extreme circumstances. It is the responsibility of the individuals to check that he/she is efficient in handling the disease and thus do not spread it to another individual. Further, infectious diseases might also be transferred from mother to unborn child as the germs might be present in the vagina of the mother. However, it has been found that infectious diseases also get transmitted through indirect contact. Such situation occurs when the germs linger on inanimate objects such as door handle, tabletop or other objects. An example can be cited in this case. If an individual touches the door knob that has been handled or touched by someone who is suffering from cold or flu, the second individual who touches it might get infected with virus. Thus, it can be said that infectious disease moves from one host to another in a short span of time.

There are several types of risk factors that are associated if an individual catches infectious diseases and thus his/her immune system might not work properly. Such an individual might prefer to take steroids, HIV or AIDS or it might cause cancer among individuals. However, it can be said that most infectious disease has minor complications and thus they are not related to long term risk among individuals. There are some infectious diseases that are considered to be silent and thus they might appear in future again. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the individuals to stay protected from the disease and follow different tips in order to decrease the risk of infectious disease.

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