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What is marketing?

Marketing involves promoting products or services to the public through mass media with the aim of boosting sales. Every business must practice Marketing to register success and growth making it a fundamental need for every organization.

What you should be expecting in marketing Assignment

Management is a vast subject comprising of over 80 degrees, making it a subject which comprises of a limitless number of topics that can be covered. Each marketing assignment should include a list of the types of marketing medium used as well as strategies used to implement the marketing campaigns. Each marketing assignment will have been designed to address a specific topic making it important to check the marketing assignment requirement file to determine specific points to be covered on the assignment. Marketing assignment must also use business analysis frameworks as outlined below


  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats),
  •  MOST (Mission, Objective, Strategy, and Tactics),
  • BPM (Business Process Managing),
  • PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental).


In addition to these analytical frameworks the assignment requirement will have specific deliverables such as the word count, reference format, referencing style and points to be addressed on the assignment. It is mandatory for the assignment to cover the requirement criteria so as to qualify for evaluation. Below is a detailed marketing assignment requirement guideline stating specific points to be addressed on the assignment?


 “The impact of technology on marketing research in today’s business environment.”

This report should be addressed to the Executive Management Team of MRC.

The aim is to identify what the company stands to benefit if they adopt these new technologies and try to persuade the Executive Team to make a decision to do so.

Please use a Report format with relevant headings, typed in Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1.5 line spacing. Word limit 1000 words.


On the above marketing assignment requirement, the student must expect a 1000 word report addressed to the MRC executive management team highlighting the benefits of adopting new marketing technologies. The report should further explore on convincing the executive management team to adopt the technologies on their marketing campaigns. The report needs to be addressed to the executive management and must include pros and cons of using various marketing communication technologies like social media marketing, search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, email marketing, and content marketing.

Assessment Tasks

You are required to write a 2000 word innovation strategy report to the board of your selected organization. Your innovation strategy report must:

1 Succinctly introduces the selected organization and selected Innovation trend.

2 Succinctly define the following concepts and their relationships, the organizational environment, innovation trend, innovation strategy innovation capabilities innovation value creation and capture.

3. Succinctly describe how the creation of an innovation strategy ensures strategic alignment within organizations and why it is important

4. Analyze the impact of the selected innovation trend on the selected organization. You should apply at least one strategy tool to analyses the impact, opportunities arid threats to the organization

5. Recommend how the organization’s innovation strategy best responds to the innovation trend by answering the following questions

  • How should the organization organize its innovation activities?
  • What additional innovation capabilities should the organization develop?
  • What Innovation initiatives should it pursue?.
  •  How should the organization ensure that it creates and captures value from the innovation?

6. Recommend how the organization best ensures strategic alignment to address the innovation trend.

The above requirement clearly states important deliverables which need to be addressed on the assignment.

Word count - the assignment task begins by clearly outlines the student needs to prepare a 2000 word innovation strategy report on an organization of their choice. The requirement continues to outline specific points that need to be covered on the report including:

·         An introduction to the organization and its innovative trend

·         Definition of the organization's concepts with relations to organization environment, innovation trends, innovation strategy, innovations strategy, value creation among more

·         Impact of how innovations trends and application of a strategic tool to analyze impact, opportunities, and threats

·         How the organization should organize its innovation activities

·         Additional innovation capabilities to be developed

·         How the organization should create value from innovation

The report must also be formatted following academic writing guidelines, have peer-reviewed reference sources and should be accompanied with a plagiarism report.

How to understand the Marketing Assignment Marking Rubric?

A marketing assignment will have a clear rubric outlining specific criteria to be covered on the assignment. While the requirement will outline points to be covered on the report, the rubric will outline the marks and grades allocated for each section of the assignment thus allowing the expert to focus their attention on sections which attract higher grades.

The following marketing assignment rubric distributed grades as follows; executive summary 3 marks, main body 10 marks, language 2 marks; layout and professionalism 2 marks and references 3 marks giving a total of 20 marks.

Marking Criteria;

Executive Summary - 3

Main body (showing evidence of your understanding of Marketing Research and the potential role for data analytics based on social media), with appropriate in-text referencing - 10

Language - 2

Layout and professionalism - 2

Referencing (in-text and bibliography) - 3

Total – 20

The expert must begin by organizing the layout of the assignment. This section attracts 2 marks but is a fundamental requirement towards professionally organizing the assignment and ensuring understandability. This section should not consume more than 10% of the time and should outline the assignment format including the headings to frame the assignment.

The main body attracts 10 marks making it advisable for the student to focus 50% of their time and efforts towards responding to the main body section. The main body consists of 2 main sections including evidence and understanding of market research and roles of data analytics and social media towards boosting marketing campaigns. The task must flow smoothly from the introduction to the body and finally conclusion so as to cover the main body and layout and professionalism sections which total to 12 marks.

Next, the Expert must turn their attention towards including the executive summary. The executive summary attracts 3 marks accounting for 15% of the grade. The executive summary must be prepared after the completion of the assignment as it is a summary of the overall task.

With the executive summary prepared the expert must move on to infuse the references to their right positions and counter check the reference formats meets the required format. This sections also attracts 3 marks which are 15% of the total grade thus requires close attention to maximize the grades. Review the requirement file to determine the referencing style required and prioritize on using the ms word referencing tool which delivers accurate reference formatting as per academic standards.

Finally, the expert must dedicate 10 to 20% of their time towards proofreading the assignment. The assignment must be prepared using third person and must avoid referring to an individual. First person should only be used if it is a reflective assignment on which the author's personal experience, knowledge, and contributions may be required to judge their level of understanding.

How to score better in Marketing Assignments?

To score high grades on a marketing assignment, you must first be capable of understanding the deliverables and what needs to be addressed on the assignment. Marketing is a vast subject encompassing several disciplines which makes it important to first review the marketing assignment requirement file and determine specific points to be included on the assignment.  Only after the deliverables have been identified can the assignment be prepared. Key term definitions, diagrams, theories, justifications and recommendations, in-depth research, and application of theories with examples, presentation of arguments both for and against the subject, and a clear conclusion must be present on the assignment. Below is a perfect example of elements you need to be looking for while consulting marketing assignment help services. These guidelines are from a reputed university integrated marketing communication assignment and commonly used by total assignment help as a guideline to prepare and marketing assignment. Each of our subject matter experts is expected to follow these guidelines which ensure we deliver Top Quality marketing assignment help services that guarantee every student scores high grades.

In the exam:

Writing a good answer


        Definitions of key terms (what digital media?)

        Authors (absolutely)/dates (hopefully but not necessarily!)

        Diagram (possibly)

        Key theory/theories

        Justifications of decisions/recommendations

        Refer to question (but do not even think about copying it out)

        Develops into greater depth and detail

        Applies and evaluates theory (does not just describe it)

        Presents both sides of argument if requires

        Supports points with evidence/examples/illustrations

        Concludes by synthesizing points

At total assignment help, each marketing assignment is thoroughly reviewed and proofread before delivery to the student, but we recommend students to proofread and edit the final version. This is important as it helps to match the marketing assignment to the student writing style thus helping further improve grades scored on the task. This also ensures the student understands the assignment content thus helping them to respond to questions the professor may ask while marking the assignment.


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