Make The Most Delicious Chocolate Sponge Cake

by Rehan S. Branding
This chocolate sponge cake recipe is the one to have since it always turns out moist and flawlessly flat. Eggs, sugar, and flour are typically needed to make a sponge cake. The eggs in the recipe need to be whipped to a specific consistency, and a beginner baker may not have that knowledge; without it, the cake may not rise properly or deflate after being removed from the oven. Baking powder ensures a constant rise in the chocolate cake, and melted butter replaces the tiny amount of moisture that a cake loses in the range.

How To Make

•    Line a round or square cake pan 20cm (8in) in diameter with greaseproof paper. For help, see our video on how to line a round cake pan (opens in a new tab)

•    Set oven temperature to 170 degrees Celsius, 325 degrees Fahrenheit, or gas mark 3.

•    In a large bowl, combine the sugar, butter, and cream until fluffy and pale. After each egg has been added, continue beating until a trail is left behind when the whisk is raised (with an electric mixer, about 5 mins).

•    Let's sift the flour. Blend in half the flour by folding it in gently. Add the remaining flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder and mix until mixed. Blend with some vanilla extract.

•    Toss the ingredients into the prepared tin.

•    30 to 35 minutes, or until a cake tester inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean, is the ideal baking time for a chocolate sponge cake.

•    Take it out of the oven and set it aside to cool. Then, remove the greaseproof paper and flip it onto a wire rack.

•    To serve, invert the chocolate sponge cake, so the top is now the bottom. Divide it in half horizontally and stuff it with whipped cream and fruit, such as raspberries or strawberries. More fruit may be used as a garnish for the top.

•    Alternately, chocolate lovers may whip up our easy frosting recipe. Beat all the ingredients with an electric mixer until you have a creamy, fluffy frosting. Place one-half of it in the center of the chocolate sponge cake and the other half on top. Throw in some raspberries for garnish if that's your thing.

•    The chocolate frosting may be spooned over and smoothed with a palette knife to add a rustic touch to this chocolate sponge cake. For a festive touch, sprinkles, fresh fruit (strawberries or raspberries work well), and icing sugar dusting are all you need to finish this cake. You may substitute Nutella or another chocolate spread if you dislike the frosting. There is also the option of a decadent chocolate ganache cake.

Use Chocolate Sponge Cake

Now that you know how to make a great chocolate sponge cake, you can go on to other types of cakes and sweets. We recommend you try these two of our favourite recipes:

•    There is nothing like a cake doused in liqueur to alter the mood. That is what we call juicy and tasty.

•    While this cherry may have had a few too many, they make a delicious cake.


This chocolate sponge cake has lightness, moistness, tenderness, and rich chocolate flavor. Chocolate Biskvit is another name for these cake-like sponges. This recipe is similar to the classic white vanilla Biskvit, except that cocoa powder and somewhat less flour are used to create the exquisite chocolate sponge cakes that form the basis of many chocolate cake recipes and desserts.

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