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by Max Leed Project Director

Gifts items are always precious to everyone whether it is the receiver or the presenter. Therefore, everyone wants to make them look good and attractive so that they will be remembered for a long time. In the process of making their appearance beautiful and unique, different individuals come up with different interesting ideas but one of the most amazing ones is to create the Gift Packaging of watermelon shaped. Now the question arises that which material suits best for the making of such packing boxes? Cardboard and cardstock materials provide the best answer to this question as both of them are very flexible in nature and come with countless customization options that allow the makers to mold them into different shapes and designs effortlessly. They can be printed with the help of simple resources as well which makes the designing process more simplified. These boxes increase the worth of the gift items enclosed in them and give a special feeling to the receiver that their loved ones put their best efforts into making them happy.

Watermelon Shaped

Building Material: -

The most important factor in developing any kind of packing box is the selection of right building material for them. Especially, when we are talking about the gift items then their importance increases to a great extent. If someone wants to create a unique and innovative shape and design of packing box like a watermelon shaped then they need to use the building material which provides them flexible customization options during their designing process. In this regard, the cardboard and cardstock paper type materials are the best options for the makers from which they can select the appropriate one according to their own needs and requirements. These materials are very flexible in nature and can be molded into any required shape effortlessly with the help of limited resources. Their cutting and folding can be done with the help of simple machines. There are few other materials also available in the market such as glass and wood which can be utilized for the making of such boxes but they are quite rigid and inflexible in nature which makes the development process very hard and difficult for the manufacturers. Expensive machines and costly resources are required to mold them into watermelon shape which in result makes them very costly for the users. Therefore, the cardboard and cardstock paper material is the best option for the manufacturers to develop the watermelon shape of gift boxes.

Building Material


 Designing: -

The watermelon shaped gift packaging can be designed in different ways depending on the needs and requirements of an item going to be enclosed in them. They can be built in round or oval shape that gives a look of the whole watermelon or they can be built in a triangle shape as well which gives a look of its cut slice. In both cases, the cardboard and cardstock paper sheets are cut into different shapes and styles with the help of die-cutting techniques and then joined together to get the required shape of the packing box. The die-cutting technique allows the makers to cut the sheets into different styles very easily and effortlessly. This provides them a great help in their designing process. With that, it allows them to create them in different sizes as well which makes the packaging easy for the end-users as they can select the right size of the packing box from them in which they think their gift item can be packed properly. The Gift Packaging is not only used to pack the gift items that keep them safe and secure but it is also used to enhance the beauty and appearance of it.


Printing: -

The printing of the packing boxes plays a vital role in making its final appearance beautiful and attractive for the onlookers. In this case, the makers are trying to give them an interesting look of watermelon so they need to choose the color according to it. The original color of watermelon is dark green therefore they have to choose the same color for their basic printing. After that, to further enhance its appearance and make it look like an original one, they can use light green color to makes strips in it. This color combination can be used on the box which is prepared to give a look of the whole watermelon. The triangle ones which are supposed to give a look of a watermelon slice, they should be colored in red. Most of their part should be colored in red from top till bottom but their bottom outer side should be colored in dark green again. To bring originality to their design, one can make small black beads in the red color as well. Specially designed artworks of watermelon look can be prepared easily with the help of latest technologies and then can be printed on the boxes with simple printers.


Extra Features: -

As these boxes are prepared for the packing of gift items, therefore, one can add greeting descriptions in the printed artworks as well according to the occasion or event on which these gifts are going to be presented. Another feature which makes their appearance and usage very attractive and striking for the users is the way of their opening. The round ones or the oval ones have mostly come with a cap style opening. This cap can be fitted on it in different ways like some uses spinning top caps to be fitted on them, some fits them on their top as it is which can be opened by just pulling it up, and some fix their one side on the top with the help of clips so that it can be opened like a door. The slice shape boxes come with mini handles on their tops attached to the outer side of their top and one can open them by just pulling it. These amazing opening styles of Gift Packaging put a great positive impact on the minds of the receiver and they fall in love with them. Such packaging styles are remembered by the receiver’s for a long time and they kept stored in their good memories forever.

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