Maintenance methods of 250kva diesel generator

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In summer, it often rains suddenly. Sometimes the open type diesel generator that is temporarily used outdoors will get wet because it is not covered in time in the rain. If we can not maintain in time, the unit will rust, corrode and damage. The insulation resistance of the circuit will be reduced because damped by water, and there will be a risk of breakdown, short circuit and burnout, so the service life of the unit will be shortened. The article is mainly about the maintenance methods of 250kva diesel generator after caught in the rain.


Open type generator

Maintenance methods of diesel generator after caught in the rain

1.Wash diesel engine surface to remove soil and sundries. Then remove oil pollution on the engine surface by using metal cleaner or washing powder.

2.Support one end of diesel engine to make oil drain part of oil sump on the lowest position. Screw down the drain plug and pull out the oil dipstick to let the water in the oil sump flow out by itself. When engine oil will flow out, should let engine oil and water flow out partially, after that, screw on oil drain plug.

3.Remove the air filter of diesel generators, then remove the upper filter housing and filter element. Remove clearly the water in the filter. Clean each parts with metal cleaner or diesel oil. If the filter is made of plastic foam, wash it with detergent or soapy water (do not use gasoline). Then rinse with clean water, then dry it, then dip it in proper amount of oil( after dipping, wiring it out by hand). When replacing new filter, still dip it in diesel oil. If filter element is made of paper, should replace it with new one. After cleaning and drying all parts of the filter, install them as required.

4.Remove the intake and exhaust pipes and muffler to check if have water inside. Turn on the decompression, crank the diesel engine to see whether there is water discharged from the intake and exhaust ports. If there is water discharged, continue to crank the crankshaft until all the water in the cylinder is discharged. Install the air inlet, exhaust pipe and muffler, add a little oil into the air inlet, rotate the crankshaft for several turns, and then install the air filter. If it is difficult for the flywheel to rotate due to the long water inflow time of the diesel engine, it means that the cylinder sleeve and piston ring have been rusted, they shall be removed and derusted, cleaned and reassembled, and the severely rusted ones shall be replaced in time.

5.Remove the fuel tank, drain the oil and water in the fuel tank. Check whether there is water in fuel filter and oil pipe, if have, should discharge. Then clean fuel tank and fuel filter, finally install as origin, connect oil pipe and add clean diesel oil into the fuel tank.

6.Drain the dirty water in water tank and water pipe, clean water pipe, then add clean river water until water float up. Turn on the throttle switch and start the diesel engine. After starting the diesel engine, pay attention to observe the rise of the oil indicator and listen to whether there is any abnormal noise of the diesel engine. After checking whether all parts are normal, run in the diesel engine. When running in sequence, first idle, then medium speed, then high speed, and the running time is 5min respectively. Stop the machine and drain the oil after running in. Add new engine oil again, start the diesel engine, run it at medium speed for 5min, and then it can be used normally.


The above methods can effectively restore the generator set to the best state and eliminate the hidden danger of later operation. Of course, remind that if the generator set has to be used outdoors, it is better to block the work at any time to prevent unnecessary losses caused by sudden weather.

Silent generator


In generally, open type diesel generator is indoor use, but if have to use for outdoor temporarily, we should make a shelter from the rain. Of course, Starlight series silent diesel generators can help you save the unnecessary troubles directly. Starlight series silent genset with canopy is rainproof and suitable for all kinds of weather. So if you want to buy genset, maybe you can choose silent type.

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