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More than just a fuel, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) can undoubtedly  be  considered  as nature’s best gift to mankind.  Being discovered as early as 1910, LPG has now become the most commonly used source of energy for households, commercial and industrial purposes. 

Due to its high calorific value and versatile nature it is considered the most ideal source of energy for a wide range of industrial and commercial activities. Whenever there is a need for light, power and heat LPG has been considered as the best choice. The other prime benefits of using  LPG for industries  are its low maintenance, cost effectiveness, ease of control , easy storage and the fact that it can be transported anywhere. 

Being the most economical and environmental friendly source of energy LPG is widely used for several industrial purposes. Below are some of the industries where LPG plays the prime role in the operations and productions.


Today pollution and climate change is a global issue. Emissions from automobiles being a primary reason for air pollution, LPG (known as Autogas when used in vehicles) is considered one of the most environmental friendly source of energy due to its low carbon emissions.


Textiles can be classified into natural and man-made.  Both of them go through extensive process before turning into the final product.  It involves a series of energy consuming procedures where LPG is considered as the most convenient and economical source.


The production of glass and ceramic includes a series of chemical procedure  where high heat supply plays a major role.  LPG not only meets their heat requirements but also provides clean combustion.


It is one of the major consumers of the energy sector. It requires an extensive use of heat in its production. It includes melting, casting, moulding, cutting and etc. LPG being considered as the most cost effective and economical source of energy, it helps these industries to produce quality products at reasonable costs.


Chemical industry is responsible for the production of paints, polymers, dyes, polish and etc. The production involves  a series chemical procedures which is aided by LPG.  The easy control of heat and temperature makes it the most preffered source of energy for the chemical industry.


The uses of  LPG in agriculture and horticulture industry is quite widespread. Its major use being drying of crops, irrigation, maintaining heat in greenhouses, livestock and many more.  

Apart from these industries, LPG also plays a prominent role in several other industries such as water heating, hotels and restaurants, bakeries, poultry, paper, brick making and etc.

Today even in this trying time, the energy sector has taken  a quantum jump in terms of growth and production.  LPG for industry usage is considered the most efficient and environmental friendly source of energy.

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