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Also known as Hepatic Cancer, liver cancer can be a result of two types of cell growths, malignant or benign. These cancerous tumors can spread in two ways, they can either start from the liver and then gradually spread to the other parts of the body or vice versa, which means, starting from the different parts and end with the liver. This post provides an overview on the different liver cancer treatments in India and why India Health Help is the best place to undergo the treatment for liver cancer.

Liver cancer can be diagnosed when your body starts showing symptoms like severe or extreme weight loss, nausea and vomiting, enlarged liver, pain in the upper abdomen, appetite loss, skin as well as eyes turning slightly yellowish etc. Broadly speaking, there are two main categories of liver cancer, primary and secondary. While the former starts from the liver, the latter ends at the liver.

Different Kinds of Liver Cancer Treatments in India

Liver cancer can be treated in a number of different ways. Some of the commonly used methods by which this ailment can be treated is liver resection which involves surgically removing that part of the liver which contains tumor; laparoscopic resection in which as compared to liver resection involves carrying out three to four incisions into the liver in order to remove the tumor present part of the liver. This is relatively a less complicated surgery to perform.  Apart from these two, there are some additional different forms of treatments like Partial Hepatectomy in which that part of the liver is removed which contains tumor and the last one being, liver transplant, which is medically also known as Total Hepatectomy in which the liver is completely removed and replaced with another. On an average, cost of liver cancer surgery in India for resection costs somewhere around twenty thousand rupees approximately while for liver transplant it is slightly on the higher side.

Why India Health Help?

With India emerging as a favorite medical destination for tourists all over the world, especially for liver transplant surgery in India alone  there are a number of hospitals as well as cancer institutes which offer best medical diagnoses, treatment at cost effective rates. Out of all such institutes, one such health center which tops the list is India Health Help which boasts of some of the well known cancer experts as well as oncologists. The best part about performing a liver cancer surgery in India is that the treatment costs here are quite affordable. For instance, liver transplant cost in India is approximately Rs 60000 which nearly 40% lesser than what it is in the US or the UK.

When India Health Help offers high quality treatment at affordable costs, is there any other place to look for?


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