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In this video, I'm gonna show you another part of photoshop that you will use quite often and that is the layers panel. Now one of the powerful things about Photoshop is its ability to work with layers and you can think of best digital marketing agency layers as laying down different pieces of construction paper on top of one another. So let's say you had a blue piece of construction paper and you put it down on your desk. That would be the bottom layer and then say you took a red piece of construction paper and you cut out the letter A. And you laid that on top.
That would be another layer. And depending on how you move those layers on top of each other is the same way that Photoshop works. So if you had  top digital marketing companies in chennai a big piece of construction paper on the bottom in the letter A on top you would see that blue background and then the red letter A. However if you were to take that red A and put it underneath a construction paper you wouldn't see the letter A because that layer would be covering it up. 

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So let's just take a look at how that works. And the bottom right-hand corner you'll see the layers panel. And you can see that we have top digital marketing companies in chennai a layer selected that is automatically generated when we create a new document. And it's called background. And it shows an icon of what we're seeing which is this white background.
  • There's also a lock button here which means this layer is currently locked down in a new background layer always gets locked so that you can't edit it or manipulate it on accident. Find out best results with 99Profile.
  • Now let's say we do want to edit or change this background layer will all we have to do is the double click you know top digital marketing companies in chennai to open up the new layer options. Now we can give this a name so we can call it layer or we can just rename it background if we would like there are some other options here but we won't worry about these right now.
  • Just go ahead and click the OK button. And now we've renamed that background we could have called it something else and it would change the name. However, we just won't call it to the background again. And it's got rid of that lock sign. And now we can actually manipulate and edit this background.
  • So, for instance, I can pick the marquee selection tool and I can move that out when I do. You can see we've removed the layer and whatever is underneath is transparency which means there's not actually anything there. And we see that by this checkerboard pattern. 
  • Whenever you see checkerboard pattern remember that's transparency it's not actually anything it's not a pattern is where it actually means that there's nothing there. So we'll go with top digital marketing companies in chennai ahead and we will undo that and we'll hit control D to D select that selection.
  • Let's go ahead and fill this background layer and using the construction paper example that we talked about. So go to the top and hit edit and then go down to fill click on that and change the contents to a color because we're actually going to give it a color so select color and then pick a blue color you do that by using the slider here to change colors and then click out in the open area and you can see as I move that around it changes our colors for us and just pick a maybe a darker blue color.

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So mine's right here. And if you move this cider again you can see that color changes and the preview are these windows where it says new when you get a dark blue color selected here. OK and then we're going to fill that in the top digital marketing companies in chennai head ok again. And now it has filled in that background layer with the color blue and you can see that in our preview option in the layers panel it's also blue.
Now we can go ahead and just double click on the name and rename this. So let's just call this layer blue. So now I've renamed top digital marketing companies in chennai that layer to blue or we can double click on it and call it blue background and let's add in another layer. Now there's a couple of different ways that you can do that. You can go down to the options in the bottom and click the new layer icon.
So when I click that a new layer is added. It's called Layer. There's nothing on it. So we don't see any changes and it's got the checkerboard pattern on it.
So if I hide the blue background with this eyeball right here you can see the checkerboard pattern and we have a layer selected. So anything we made would happen on this layer. 
If we went and we grabbed our paintbrush and let's go and pick just a regular paint brush here and then we draw top digital marketing companies in chennai we're drawing on that layer when I let go you can see the preview update with a drawing that we made. If we click on the eyeball again to bring back in the blue background you can see that we see the blue background in the back and then we see the layer one with transparency and just that drawing sitting on top.
Now we can hide that layer and bring it back again. And with that layer selected you can keep drawing so we can add to this as much as we want. And it's on its own layer. We're actually not affecting the blue background because if we want to hide this layer we can hide it or we can delete it. However, if we were to show this layer but we had blue background selected so I'm gonna go ahead select.

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