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List of Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment’s and Appliances

by Rhonda R. Eckert Halloween and Colored Contact Lenses

When you start any food establishment or restaurant, you need a complete range of proper restaurant commercial equipment and appliances. Buying the right set of equipment is important because it needs significant financial investment and you would have to stick with these set of the purchase for at least 2 to 3 years. Here in this article, we are discussing different types of appliances and equipment you should have in your commercial kitchen.  

What is restaurant commercial kitchen equipment?

Commercial kitchen equipment is used for producing, storing, and also for cooking food. It includes everything from kitchen stoves to commercial refrigerator and freezer that comes in the category of these appliances. You can manage your restaurant in the best manner once your commercial is functional.

Some of the basic commercial kitchen equipment’s are listed below

1.    Cooling equipment’s

Refrigerators and freezers are one of the key requirements for the kitchen. It plays a vital role in preventing the food from any type of damage and allows using it for a long time. Different food items have defined expiration date where the cooling system has become a prime need for you. According to your restaurant type you should choose the right type of coolant that works well in your restaurant kitchen.

•    Commercial Refrigerators and freezers

Today you can find a wide range of varieties in refrigerators and freezers and each has different capacities and functionality features. Like if you are running a small coffee house then a reach-in refrigerator is a better choice than cost you less expensive than bulking walk-in refrigerator. Some varieties of commercial refrigerators include upright refrigerator, walk-in, under-counter, horizontal, etc.

•    Ice makers/ Ice machines

This is important equipment extensively used in bars, cafes, pubs, and restaurants to keep all kinds of beverages cool and chilled. It is also used for making all those smoothies, shakes, and mint punches that customers mostly prefer to drink. Ice-makers also come in different storage spaces and can produce different shapes and sizes of ice cubes. When you buy ice cube makers, make sure you choose the right storage space according to the number of customers you serve daily.

•    Display freezers

It gives room for displaying your cakes, pies, and food items. Display freezersDisplay Showcase in the restaurant allow the customers to see the varieties before ordering them.

Apart from this, there are many other refrigerators like Bottle Coolers, back bar coolers, ice cream freezers, Domestic Hotel Minibars, etc. designed for the specific use of restaurants.

2.    Heating equipment

There are many cooking processes like roasting, grilling, baking, etc., where heating and reheating of food is required. There are two types of cooking appliances used for it including gas and electric. You can use them based on the intensity of cooking that happens in your commercial kitchen.

•    Ovens

This is one of the most common equipment without which the restaurant cannot work properly. Ovens are perfectly designed to meet the temperature requirements for cooking different food items. Ovens come in different varieties including conveyor ovens, toaster ovens, rack ovens, high-speed ovens, and more. If you are running a pizza shop then ovens are the prime requirement for you.

•    Display food warmers

When you are ready to serve the meals you need a food display case for it. Display food warmer allows you to serve fresh and warm food to your customers.

•    Grills

If you want to make perfect steaks and burgers, then you need to buy quality grills that work well for your restaurant. Flat top grills are mostly preferred by the restaurants.

•    Microwave

This equipment is used to heat the specific portion of food or to heat the previously cooked food, or to heat the dishes that were ready before the time. The microwaves speed up the heating process and allow you to serve hot food without any delay.

There are many other heating types of equipment used in a commercial kitchen including toaster, soup warmer, coffee machine, etc.

3.    Preparation equipment

You can find different electrical appliances that work well in simplified your basic cooking process.

•    Food processors and slicers

Previously, food processors are only used for fine chopping of veggies. But, with the variety of food processors, you can chop and slice the vegetables and meat as well as make purees with it.

•    Mixer and grinders

They are extensively used in bakeries, pizzeria for accomplishing complex mixing, whipping, kneading, and beading of various dough and betters.  Some of the common types of mixers used in the restaurant are spiral, heavy-duty, stand mixers, and counter-top. There are generally three types of commercial grinders including meat, coffee, and spices grinders.

•    Blenders

When it comes to making hot soups or frozen smoothies, commercial blenders can make your work easy. They are specially designed to blend food, sauces, and beverages.

Are you also looking for a wide range of commercial refrigerators and freezers, heating equipment, or any other kitchen appliance? If yes, then buy them online from a trusted online store to grab the best deal with warranty benefits. 

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