Let Us Talk About Portable Two-Way Radios, Mobile Radios & Desktop Base Stations

by Craig S. I am a Freelance Blogger. I live in USA
A two-way radio can be defined as one that can operate two ways. That is, it can both receive and transmit radio waves. Since it can both transmit and receive radio signals, it’s also known as a transceiver. A two-way radio is of three types- portable two way radio, mobile radios, and desktop base stations.

The two-way radio technology was developed about a century ago but is still used in today’s fast-paced world. A two way radio is an effective method of communication in several industries, including health care, education etc.

A Two-Way Radio System Operates In Two Modes-

  • Half-duplex mode - Only one user can transmit at a time
  • Full-duplex mode - Both users can transmit simultaneously.

Types Of Two-Way Walkie Talkies

1. Portable two way radios

Portable two way radios are also called two-way walkie talkies because they are handheld devices and can be used to communicate while walking. They can be easily carried anywhere and are mainly used on sites of construction, health care, hotels, resorts, schools etc.

Differences between two-way radios and two-way walkie talkies

As mentioned above, two-way radio is a communication device that can both receive and transmit signals, and two-way walkie talkies are nothing but portable two-way radios. They allow you to walk around and talk simultaneously. One must know that all walkie-talkies are two-way radios, but not all two-way radios are walkie-talkies. This is because not all two-way radios can be handled and carried around easily.

2. Mobile radios

Mobile radios are designed for vehicles. They are installed inside the vehicles and connected to the externally mounted antenna. They can receive and transmit signals. They are of great use in security, hotels, and employees who are on the go and need to stay in touch with other employees.

3. Desktop base station

These radios are fixed. They can be placed on the top of a desk. To get power, they are plugged into the wall. They do not need recharging or batteries. They are used in universities, colleges, security facilities etc.

Apart from this, two way radios can also be either analogue or digital.

Overview Of Two-Way Radio

The speaker vent is on top, and the microphone is next. Volume controller, channel switch, antenna and encoder at the top rim. On the side rails, you have side button one, side button two and the lodge button. On the backside is the cut-out for the battery and a hooking area. On the other side is the accessory cut out where earphones, charger, speaker and microphone can be inserted and connected to the device. To make a call with this radio to one of the other radios, it needs to be programmed.

Two-way radio batteries have different shelf lives depending on the brand and type of radio. Some batteries last for 10 to 12 hours with a single charge, while some are dead only within three to four hours. Fully charged two-way radio batteries should be carried along if you decide to roam out and your only communication avenue is the two-way radio.

The overall functioning is quite easy. A single button needs to be pressed to start the two-way radio. One limitation of the device is that only one person can talk at a time.


If you are planning to buy two way radios for your organization’s smooth functioning, study the features and utility in detail of different two-way radios types. Although mobiles have facilitated long-distance communication, two-way walkie talkies offer many differences relating to confidentiality and the covered communication range.

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