Legends of Runeterra Beta: Ranked Mode, Patch Notes and More

by Lydia Miller Digital Marketer

The Legends of Runeterra beta version is here, and it is awesome. The developers Riot Games has launched new patch notes as in anticipation, it will arrive in the hands of numerous gamers. It features card change, economy changes, and watchlist for elements developer’s employees believe could get out of hand. Gamers can pre-registration for Legends of Runeterra beta on January 23 and January 24 for everyone else. Here is the complete breakdown of the latest beta patch notes.


From the beginning, the developer’s focus was to build a card game with lots of strategic interaction and depth to help skilled competition. So, it is time to know where you stand among the top gamers in LoR Ranked Mode. 

Gamers rise through the ranks begin with the Beta version that will last till the official launch. At the end of the beta version, players will attain a Beta version exclusive icon on the basis of top tier accomplished to remember the first climb in Ranked mode.

§  Beta Season starts with LoR’s first ranked season in the open beta.

§  Enabled Ranked Mode.

§  Chat & Challenge, Friends List:

§  Added Friends list.

§  Added Friend Chat.

§  Added Friend Challenge.

§  Involves Cross game presence to check whether your friends are enjoying LoR or LoL.

§  The social panel is still in development. 

§  Gamers will not get any notification for unread messages while offline.

§  Unresponsiveness of client while accepting or receiving a challenge invite. Relog to solve it.

§  For active conversation, new message notification is not appropriately dismissed.

§  Gamers may notice delays when either removing or adding names in the block list.


Guardians and Boards:


Developers have introduced the latest collection tab, where players can conveniently personalize their gameplay experience. To initiate, users can check out the latest guardians and boards (available for each current region). There is a lot more to add in the future, and users will able to attain, choose, and swap it easily.

§  Hall of Valor

§  Scaled Snapper

§  Three New Guardians

§  Reckoners Arena

§  Gromp Jr.

§  Iceborn Peak

§  Cursed Ruins

§  Six New Board Regions

§  T-Hex

§  Guardians and Boards loadout functionality added to each mode. 

§  Added Collections tab to manage and unlock the user’s guardians & boards.

§  Clifftop Monastry

§  Hextech Lab

§  Minor Tweaks, Visuals & Clarity:

§  Visual Upgrades

§  Rarity Shift

§  Heimerdinger Level-up Effects Updated.

§  Silverwing Vanguard modified from Rare to Common.

§  Super Mega Death Rocket now fixed more easily.

§  Legion General

§  The Rekindler Stat Changes

§  Greenglade Elder

§  Shark Chariot

§  Glimpse Beyond

§  Text Upgraded for Clarity

§  Level 2 Garen

§  Atrocity

§  Tianna Crownguard

§  Ethereal Remitter

§  Shunpo

§  Accessed with a unit of the full board.

§  Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit

§  Ancient Crocolith

§  Level 2 Lucian

§  Navori Conspirator

§  Level 2 Katarina  

§  Ravenous Butcher

§  Rally >> Ready for attack

§  Possession


Initiative and Attack Icons:


§  Attack token has attained upgraded visuals near mana dial and the button. Indicates round initiative.

§  Initiative icons eliminated from the board, i.e., shield & swapping sword, and replaced with the latest button beneath the attack token.


Champion Visibility:


§  Pre-match champion ceremony

§  To avoid revealing details, the pop-ups appear plenty of copies regardless of your deck.

§  Gamers will check their champion’s deck now in their banner while queued and their enemy’s champions once they fight.

§  Deck shows up for level-up progression.

§  Before mulligan, gamers will check the region and the champion now for every gamer’s deck.

§  Additionally, the in-game deck inspection now will let you tap on a champion’s image to know about their associated cards and card text.

§  Miscellaneous:

§  Several Cards Updated.

§  Ram usage enhancements.

§  For better flow, optional tutorials reordered.

§  Added Keyboard shortcuts.

§  Tutorial enhancements.

§  Expeditions

§  A: retreat all or attack all.

§  Local Time zones

§  Esc: Launch settings menu

§  Several tweaks to archetypes

§  Vault Unlocks

§  Trade pick logic enhanced.

§  New Quests or rerolls.

§  Expeditions Availability


General Bug Fixes:


§  Granted XP to optional tutorials

§  Solved an error where expedition trails sometimes could not be accomplished after seven victories.

§  Solved few post-game delays on additional tutorials

§  Shady in-game characters VFX will appear correctly.

§  Solved an error where the vault sometimes could not be claimed.

§  Troubleshoot for a rare error where gamers could lose their decklist after combat.

§  Tutorial cards with unique text will now appear correctly.

§  When spiders are eliminated, tutorial Heimerdiner’s level up quest will show up correctly.

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