Learn Stock Technical Analysis for Profit in Stock Market.

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Investors or traders, who want to earn money from stock market, should have a deep drive knowledge of financial market. Fundamental and technical analysis are two major courses for investor and trader respectively, help them to earn profit from stock market.


Technical Analysis full course included overviews of currency, commodities and Indian securities market. Technical Analysis program gives you the knowledge of the equity market, basic factors that affect the movements of the market.


You can start online training of technical analysis from anywhere or any device. Technical Analysis of stocks is a scientific investigation of data without including emotions which often drives share market prices. It is an analysis technique that forecasts the direction of prices via information of past market data, volume and primarily price.


Technical analysis has different types of techniques including candlestick analysis, harmonics, Elliott wave theory, and Dow Theory. Employ trading rules of technical analysis depends on price and volume transformations inter-market and intra-market price correlations, stock market cycles and moving average regressions through acknowledgment of chart patterns. Technical analysis allows you to analyze money flow, volume, psychology, price and other information of market while fundamental analysis looks for the factors of market, company, currency, and commodity.


Investors can perform technical analysis with the help of charts which shows the trading and price history of a particular index and security. It is also called as chartist who reflects the charts use that displaying price and volume data for identifying trends and patterns to analyze market securities. In technical analysis training, you also learn about a derivative which helps to manage financial risks.  


Basically, Technical Analysis is a method for analyzing the price movement of financial markets, through market statistics & historical price charts. Technical analysis has different types of tools, which helps you to find trends & patterns on charts. Tools included in technical analysis are support, moving average, resistance level and more. The purpose of all tools is the same that helps to understand the movements of charts and identify trends for technical buyers & sellers.

In technical analysis training, you learn the basics of the Indian securities market, commodity & currency market. Primary and secondary markets are two types of security markets. You can discover only professionals in the securities market like market makers, investors, brokers, and market speculators. Stock market exchange fluctuates constantly & these depend on the foreign exchange market.


In a technical analysis training program, you learn to identify stock market opportunities and risks. In the stock market, you can earn a good return by the majority of the equity market, it depends on your entry and exit time perfection. Using technical analysis on the stock market you would be able to predict stock’s opportunities and risks. After this technical course, you don't need to depend on market experts or broker for right entry or exit suggestions because they don’t always receive it right. You will be able to make the right decisions for your trade. You can take your own decision for trading as a professional or expert.


Pros and Cons of Technical Analysis:


Pros of Technical analysis:

Key component of trading strategy is being able to identify price trend signals in a market. The technical Analysis training program helps you to locate the best entry and exit points in the market, in-fact today technical analysis tools are used commonly because many believe they have generated self-fulfilling rules of trading.


If you want to stay invested in the market and want to see the growth of your investment, and then take seriously to the technical analysis. 


Cons of Technical Analysis:


There is no exact assurance that technical or fundamental analysis with be 100% correct. 


In Technical analysis training, you learn about the different types of charts for analyzing price movements. There are three types of main charts:


  1. Line Chart
  2. Bar Chart
  3. Candlestick Chart


Line Chart:

It is a graphical representation of the historical price action of an asset that connects a data point series with a continuous line. A line chart is one of the basic charts used in financial matters. Using a line chart, traders can get a clear visualization of where the security price movement over a time period which given. Line charts work only for showing closing prices, on the trading day they are able to decrease noise from less critical timing including open, high and Low. While the closing price is considered as most important, that's why line charts are popular for traders & investors.


Bar Chart:


A bar chart is the most popular method of charting. Using Bar The chart you can see the opening, high and low of a particular security on a particular day. This chart enables traders to get a better idea of how the stock market throughout the day or daily basis. For the form of price plotting according to each period of a bar chart the open, high and close are required. The top and bottom of the vertical bar are used to represent the high and low. And the vertical line by a horizontal dash is used to represent the open and close.


Candlestick Chart:


A candlestick is a financial chart style; it used to describe security, derivative and currency price movements. Candlestick chart is similar to the open, high and low chart but it can be used to present the information on one trading of a particular day with easy to read format. The candlestick is established using a horizontal line which indicates to the open and close and a vertical box is designed to connect these two lines for making the body of the candlestick. 


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