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Today we bring you a layer cake of strawberries and lemon, perfect for Father’s Day, that only with seeing it makes you want to sink your teeth. It can be done in stages, since you will have to prepare a strawberry puree, a sponge cake and some sliced ​​strawberries.

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For the cake we have used a high mold of 18 cm in diameter that we like very much, but you can do it with a 20 cm one too. And, to serve this delicious cake for Father’s Day, And you want a simple and unique cakes, let now order your best flavor online cake shop in Mumbai what better than our new dessert plates of combined with napkins of the same brand.



For the lemon sponge cake:

·         390 g of confectionery flour

·         2 teaspoons of chemical yeast

·         ½ teaspoon of salt

·         A spoonful of lemon zest

·         225 g of butter in ointment

·         300 g of sugar

·         4 eggs

·         2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

·         A teaspoon of lemon extract

·         180 ml of milk

·         60 ml of lemon juice

For the strawberry puree:

·         450 g fresh cut strawberries

·         2 tablespoons of sugar

·         A spoonful of lemon juice

For strawberry buttercream filling:

·         450 g of butter in ointment

·         4 cups of icing sugar

·         2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

·         ¼ teaspoon of salt

·         60 ml of strawberry puree at room temperature

·         225 g of sliced ​​strawberries

To decorate the cake:

·         6 whole strawberries to decorate

·         3 slices of lemon

·         6 straws of paper


For the lemon sponge cake:

·         Heat the oven to 180 º C., anoint a mold of 18 centimeters in diameter with butter and sprinkled with flour (you can also use nonstick spray), and sieve the flour, baking powder, salt and lemon zest.

·         In a small glass we mix the milk with the lemon juice to make a kind of homemade buttermilk. Let rest while blanch butter and sugar in a food processor at high speed.

·         Add the eggs one by one to the shake, remember not to add the next egg until the previous one has been incorporated, and add the extracts of vanilla and lemon.

·         We incorporate the flour divided into three parts alternating with milk with lemon.

·         Fill the mold with the dough and bake for 50-60 minutes, or until the tip of a cupcake thermometer turns red.

·         Remove from the oven, let temper 20 minutes and unmold. Let cool on a rack and when this cold cut it into three equal parts with the help of a lyre.

For the strawberry puree:

·         Mix the strawberries with sugar and lemon, and sauté them in a pan. Cook for 25 minutes or until the juices begin to bubble.

·         We crush, pass through a sieve to remove the seeds and continue cooking for five or ten more minutes, or until we have only 60 ml of puree. Remove from heat and let cool.

For strawberry buttercream:

·         Whiten the butter and salt in a food processor, add the vanilla extract and the strawberry puree.

·         We add the icing sugar four times and continue whisking until you have a silky and spongy butter cream.

·         We reserve half a cup of buttercream to decorate the cake at the end.

To assemble the cake:

1.      We put a layer of sponge cake on a rotating stand, covered it with half a cup of buttercream, covered it with a layer of sliced ​​strawberries and finished the first filling by covering the strawberries with another half cup of the strawberry buttercream.

2.      Cover with another layer of sponge cake and repeat the filling of buttercream and sliced ​​strawberries, just as we did in the first layer.

3.      Cover pores and crumbs with a little buttercream, and put in the fridge about 20 minutes. After we finished covering and smooth the cake with the rest of the buttercream.

4.      We put the buttercream that we reserved at the beginning for the decoration in a pastry bag with a curly mouthpiece and we polish six whirlpools; we refrigerate so that the buttercream hardens.

5.      We finished decorating with slices of lemon cut into quarters, a strawberry in each swirl of buttercream and, next to it, six stretches of straws about eight centimeters long. We keep in the fridge until serving time.

6.      From now on we tell you that this layer cake of strawberries and lemon will last little for Father’s Day at your table. The contrast between the taste of strawberry and lemon will captivate you, and we are sure that this cake will soon become part of your favorites.

Helpful tips:

·         To make sliced ​​strawberries, the original recipe recommends cutting them into slices the day before, covering the bottom of a tray with kitchen paper, covering it with a layer of strawberries and covering them with a layer of kitchen paper. They are reserved in the fridge throughout the night. This process will serve to lose water and do not soak the cake with juices.

·         You can divide the cake dough into three equal parts and bake them in molds for layer cakes. I prefer to make a single cake and cut it with a frame, and a big knife for biscuits. In this way I have three biscuits of uniform thickness and I save to cut three possible bellies, in case they come out.

·         To replace the lemon extract you can add one more spoonful of lemon zest to the sponge cake.

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