Laser Hair Removal Treatment New Jersey Camouflage Unwanted Hair for Longer Term

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Unwanted facial and body hair affect social interaction. It gives an uncivilized look while wearing a decent dress, especially for female. Women try their luck with a number of procedures to get rid of this problem. Laser Hair Removal Treatment New Jersey is one of the several options like plucking, shaving, bleaching, using creams and epilation to camouflage unwanted hair. Electrolysis is a long-term option using an electrical current. It destroys individual hair follicles. Laser treatment is the safest process among all. Even it minimizes the chance of getting unwanted hair back from the specific part of human body. Let’s have an intense look on laser therapy and how does it work?


The process of laser treatment emits a wavelength of light with a specific single colour. The process is directly applied to skin. The wavelength of light transfers energy to the skin along with hair pigment melanin. IPL Laser Treatment for Hair Removal New Jersey increases the temperature of that part while damaging surrounding tissue. Sometimes, the process of removal affects the surrounding tissue much. It is important to minimize the damage of surrounding tissue while removing the hair permanently. The target needs to be fixed on the specific cell. These are the hair follicle stem cells known as hair bulge. Laser treatment damages these cells permanently.


Initially, Skin Treatment New Jersey reduces the density of the hair and then it permanently removes unwanted hair. Patient needs to continue laser treatment after a single therapy. In most of the cases, there is reduction in hair density visible and it regrows. It is recommended to have a couple sittings to get a complete and permanent solution. Laser treatments starts its work on the colour and thickness of the hairs first. it is important to have a competent and trained person to operate laser on the patient so that nothing outer area can be damaged. However, laser does not work on grey hairs. Hairs must have which melanin pigmentation for laser treatment.


Doctor will decide how many treatments a patient needs to remove unwanted hair permanently. The type of skin is defined in three terms including skin by colour, its sun sensitivity and its likelihood to tan. Patients with dark hair gets a permanent hair removal with 4-6 Laser Face Treatment New Jersey every 4-6 weeks. A patient with white hair needs more time due to low melanin pigmentation. Initial course of 6-12 treatments a month apart removes unwanted hair permanently for them.


A certain side effects and complications may be raised during the process. It is recommended to wear goggles during IPL Laser Treatment New Jersey to prevent eye injury. A bit of pain is normal as laser heats up the area. It is also important to remove all hairs before the process with shaving. Repetitive and regular treatment with interval minimizes the pain. Skin remains hot for 15-30 minutes after laser treatment. A bit of redness and swelling for up to 24 hours is normal. Patients can expect more serious side effects like blisters, skin pigmentation, or permanent scarring.


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