Know The Uses And Significance Of cold-pressed oil

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Can you recall the time when every food item was pure? We can’t either. Today, anything and everything you get in the market is filled with preservatives or has empty calories without any nutritional value. Even the oils you consume aren’t safe either. They are full of chemicals and preservatives causing harmful side effects. However, it is not the case with cold pressed oils. 


Cold pressed oils are extracted organically through an oil maker machine from nuts, and seeds. Every oil has distinct health benefits that are amazing in some way or the other for your body. Likewise, the health benefits of groundnut oil consist of healthy skin, improved heart health, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It even boosts the immune system. You can get your own groundnut oil making machine for home today. 


You may want to try these simple food swaps at home like:

  • When cooking, replace butter, shortening, or lard, grease with cold pressed oil.

  • Season your vegetable salad with a delicious cold pressed oil of your choice

  • Try making your own creamy salad dressings with cold-pressed oil rather than buying it from outside. 

  • Prepare your own dip at home with a cold pressed oil of your choice

  • Opt for cold-pressed oil based sauces such as pesto(made from olive oil) over cream or cheese ones.

  • For a delicious snack, dip your bread in cold pressed oil along with seasonings instead of greasing it with butter. 

  • For an interesting twist, try hummus made with cold pressed oil instead of ranch dressing.

  • Opt for marinades prepared at home with a cold pressed oil over the commercial ones. 

  • Instead of butter, try using cold pressed oil to bake Cakes at home. 

Advantages of Home-Pressed Cold Oil 


A cold pressed oil not only enhances your cooking or baking with a rich flavour and texture but also provides you amazing health benefits, such as:



While producing refined oils, they are heated at very high temperatures which destroys all the nutrients present in the oils whereas the nutrients in cold pressed oils remain intact. This technique retains healthy antioxidants and other healthy nutrients of oilseeds. 



Cold-pressed oils contain natural antioxidants which help in decreasing cell damage. Also, they are a great source of oleic acids which helps in boosting immunity. For example, Groundnut cold pressed oil increases your white blood cells production which wards off any foreign agents in your body. 



These oils are a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, phenols and Vitamin E which helps in reducing cholesterol, preventing oxidative damage to the liver. Moreover, low cholesterol levels not only promote weight loss but are even great for your Heart. 



Cold-pressed oils are filled with all the essential nutrients such as protein, zinc, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins like vitamin A, C, D, E. They are also loaded with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Hence it is suggested as a better alternative to refined oils.  



Cold-pressed oils have an inherent flavour which plays a major role in cuisines. The delicious nutty flavour is retained in these oils unlike in refined oils which lose their flavour due to excessive heat. They blend well with spices to give an amazing flavour to your boring meals. 


Let us know your views about Cold-Pressed Oils. If you wish, you can press your own oil at home with the best oil maker machine in India. Get 100% pure and richly flavoured oil of the seed or nut of your choice with Savaliya Oil Maker Machine.

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