Know the Tell-Tale Signs that Call for Immediate Exhaust System Repair

by Paul Adam BG Auto Repair

The word ‘exhaust system’ does not only mean a muffler and tailpipe. A vehicle’s exhaust system consists of pipes and chambers that connect to form an intricate network. This system is responsible for the protection of the environment as well as people who are travelling inside.

Its primary role is thus to convert harmful gases produced during the combustion process into less harmful gases. If the exhaust system does not function at its optimum, it exposes the environment to the risk of toxic gases, which also have severe health consequences on the human body. Therefore, it is essential to go for exhaust repair in Stourport-on-Severn once you realise that it’s not working at its best.

Here are all tell-tale signs which give out a signal that your vehicle’s exhaust system is not working correctly and that you need to go for the repair or at least a check at garages like BG Auto Repair. You can also approach this garage for repair and replacement of other car components. Complete car service in Stourport-on-Severn is another expertise they come with.

Now, take a look at these signs!

Ticking noise of the engine

An exhaust manifold that has run out of function gives a ticking sound which you can identify very clearly. More often than not, it occurs due to a leakage in the exhaust system. It can be heard more clearly while the engine is cold or during vehicle idling.

Broken bolts of exhaust manifold let gases seep through it and spread around the system. It leads to a ticking sound, which may reduce once the engine heats up and closes this gap. It is a serious concern as once it reaches the cabin; it may lead to headache and nausea among passengers sitting inside.

Take your vehicle for immediate exhaust repair in Stourport-on-Severn once you hear the ticking sound coming from the engine.

The check engine light appearing

Multiple reasons may lead to the check engine light blinking on your vehicle’s dashboard. However, if you have put off exhaust repair for long, it may lead to an alert through flashing check engine light. Like, you may see this warning if the exhaust system’s catalytic converter is not working correctly.

Coloured exhaust smoke emitted from the exhaust pipe

If a car’s exhaust system works properly, you will barely see any exhaust smoke. However, due to issues with the exhaust system, you may find smoke of different colours coming out from its tailpipe.

Mark when you see smoke of these colours –

  • White smoke from exhaust – White smoke is natural during winters. Nevertheless, you need to be wary if you see smoke even at times other than winter. It indicates that the coolant may be leaking to its combustion chamber.

  • Black smoke from exhaust – A black smoke may be a result of clogged return line of the fuel, a leakage in the fuel injector, etc.

  • Bluish grey smoke from exhaust – It indicates leakage of oil to the combustion chamber.

If you observe any one of these signs, take it to exhaust repair garage in Stourport-on-Severn and get it fixed at the earliest.

Keep your loved ones, the environment and your vehicle safe!

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