Know the Right Time to Service Your Preowned Car’s Engine

by Cooper Hunter Best Car Dealer in Brisbane, QLD
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Looking for used cars to pick one meeting your budget and needs? Now, you may dream of a sports car but your family requirement is an SUV. Pick wisely because it’s a big investment. Consult a trusted automotive dealer who can help you identify the right vehicle. Getting a second-hand car isn’t an easy venture but once you get a hold on your preferred vehicle the real hassle comes in the form of the routine maintenance plan and its affordability.

The best way to keep your older car and even the new one serves you longer, exercise ongoing maintenance. It may add significant expense that many of you cannot afford. However, it is important to keep your engine running well. For this, you should turn to a reliable automotive specialist who can guide and assist you with the timely service of your car’s engine. Focus on the performance and get the recommended services at right intervals. Cosmetic upgrades are equally significant especially for a preowned car, but engine needs a special car – demanding certain maintenance procedures.

You may need more and frequently executed services besides recommended service intervals set forth by the manufacturer. These services are based on regular driving conditions but if you live in a particularly cold or extremely warm and dusty area, your engine needs more care than the average engine operating in a moderate, balanced environment.

Here are a few things you must consider to comprehend the right time to service your car’s engine.

Standard & Minor Maintenance:
Each brand recommends numerous types of maintenance services for the engine's optimal performance at all times. It is important to understand the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance plan to have the best performance throughout the life of the engine.

Every 10,000 miles, you should go for minor services and as soon as your car hits 20,000 miles set your sights on standard maintenance services. Since standard maintenance is a little expensive so do it only once after every 20,000 miles. For example, minor maintenance services include typical check-up visits for the engine oil, transmission fluid, brake system, and oil filter and inspection for leaks. However, standard maintenance involves checking the coolant system that can lead to engine overheating and coolant leaks if this procedure goes overlooked.

Additional Maintenance:
You need to stay proactive about car engine and take all preventive measures to keep it out of the mechanic’s shop for an extended period – avoiding lengthy and costly repairs. Keep bringing your car to a trained mechanic to have it inspected every 10,000 miles. But there is some additional maintenance based on the mileage covered or the time frame in which certain elements get expired.

For instance, spark plugs need instant replacement after every 5 years or even less depending on the brand and model of used cars for sale. For some models, the same procedure can be performed at 25,000 miles or even more. So, beyond the standard and minor maintenance adhere to additional maintenance and replacement of different components throughout the life of your car’s engine.

Regular Service Intervals:
Regular service intervals are usually scheduled based on the car model and manufacturing year. It is mandatory to adhere to auto maintenance schedules to uphold a high standard of performance. Therefore, every 10,000 miles all types of vehicles must undergo all maintenance procedures from essential service at regular intervals to minor, standard and additional maintenance for upkeep of the engine to run optimally. Moreover, some models have time-sensitive recommended procedures such as Audi which it’s owner must adhere to. For example, every six years you must have an older Audi’s battery connectors examined and replaced.

Let’s cut to the chase, stay more regular and proactive about your older car’s maintenance plan so that you can have an extended life of the engine. If you need help to find and buy a used car under budget that works best for your needs, contact Statewide Auto Group used car showroom in Brisbane, QLD, Australia and enjoy the improved driving experience.

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