Know How to Break In Your Custom Gun Holsters

by Dave Smith Safe, Hidden and Ready Holsters

Just like firearms, individuals have their own preferences when it comes to the gun holsters. There are many who are happy with their nylon holster which is quite affordable, somewhat durable as well and easy to maintain. And that’s it. Now, comes a different category of individuals for whom a gun holster is just not any other accessory, but an important part of the firearm. For such individuals, leather holsters of the finest quality are the most preferred choice. These holsters not only provide the required protection to the firearm, but also looks good and are quite comfortable to carry.

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Why Leather Holsters?

Custom gun holsters made of leather not only look good and suit the personality, but are also prepared from the material that can last long provided proper care is taken. And who can forget the wonderful and the peculiar smell of a new holster. As compared to the Nylon holsters, these are on a bit heavier side and requires a bit more maintenance and care. Usually, the leather holsters are a bit more expensive, but it ensures that the holsters last really long. Moreover, leather pistol cases can be easily molded and hence, they offer a snug fit against the body.

How to Break In a Leather Holster?

When you are getting started to break in a leather holster, there are several things that you need to take care of. Let us go through them one by one.

1 While you are about to start with the process, you are going to deal with a gun. So, ensure that the gun you are using isn’t loaded. Ensure that there are no bullets in the chamber and the safety switch is on.

2 Sometimes, there are leftover screws, metal pieces and rivets inside the gun holster that can leave some bad scratches on the firearm. That is why before inserting the gun, ensure that there are no metal pieces inside the holster and if there are any, cover them with scotch tape.

Now, after taking care of both the above mentioned points, we can start off with the break in procedure. Ideally, there are two techniques that can be used for this particular process. Let us understand both of them.

1 Stretching Technique: Stretching technique is one of the most common techniques to break in the leather holster. You have to insert and draw off the firearm repeatedly till the holster fits the firearm perfectly. This technique is quite time consuming and tiring.

2 Plastic Bag Technique: In this technique, the gun is covered in a plastic wrap and is put inside in the holster. The holster is left undisturbed for overnight. In the morning, you can remove the plastic and check the fit of the holster. In case, if it’s still a bit snug, you can insert and draw the gun several times.

With that being said, these are some of the details about breaking in the leather of custom gun holsters and ensuring that you have a smooth and snug draw.

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