Joint Pain Causes and Effective Ayurvedic Oils for Natural Treatment

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Joint pain is not just a situation, it is the troubling fact of life. There is no question that Joint Pain is one of the most common problems in our society. Millions of people are suffering from this painful situation worldwide and now the common symptoms are seen among people of all ages. Joint pain is a painful discomfort that can arise from injury, diseases or symptoms of illness. Joint pain refers to the painful condition in the joint of the shoulder, hip, elbow, ankle, and knee that can be caused by joint inflammation, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, bursitis, strains, sprains, and other acute injuries.

Most of us don’t know the treatment solutions, we have to depend on analgesic medicines that only reduce the pain but not cure the problem. The Ayurvedic way is proven to be quite effective in curing joint discomfort. To root out the problem, it is necessary to understand the symptoms and causes of the problem.

Symptoms and Signs of Joint Pains

·         Pain in joint

·         Stiffness

·         Joint redness

·         Joint swelling or inflammation

·         Joint tenderness

·         Joint warmth

·         Burning sensation

·         Limping

·         Locking of the joint

·         Problem in the movement of the joint

·         Weakness

Causes of Joint Pains

·         Injuries

·         Strains

·         Sprains

·         Fracture

·         Infection

·         Rheumatoid Arthritis

·         Osteoarthritis

·         Gout

·         Bursitis

·         Metabolic Disorder

·         Cartilage Tear

·         Synovial Sarcoma

·         Bone Tumour


The pain in joints can start from mild irritation to a debilitating one. We can not ignore it with only the analgesic medication. It can be a chronic condition and worsens your life. We usually manage it with medication, physical therapy, or alternative treatments.

When we look for the safest way of the treatment for joint pains, Ayurveda is quite effective and has been proven the best way as a natural solution to relieve the joint pain. By considering the whole physiology, psychology and physical representation of the person and the problem, Ayurveda treats problems holistically. The Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain is based on balancing the disturbed body constitution (Dosha - Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain is achieved by a balanced diet plan, Yoga, Ayurvedic herbal oil massages, herbal poultices, natural medications, herbal formulations and Panchakarma. We always prefer Ayurvedic oil massage to reduce pain at home, but we don’t know which oil is good to treat for different issues. Here we are discussing some of the best-medicated oil that gives long term relief.


Best Herbal Pain Relief Oils in Ayurveda

1.       Kairheal Oil for Injury, Sprains and Factures - Kairheal oil is an authentic combination of Ayurvedic herbs that helps to set dislocated joints, heals fractures, bone injuries and sprains. It also helps to relieve joint pain, stiffness, muscle spasm and inflammation. It strengthens the bones and very much helpful to recover from fracture.


2.       Kairtis Oil for joint pain and Arthritis - Kairtis is one of the most famous oils and an excellent ayurvedic pain reliever inspired by panchakarma treatment. It comes with herbal massage potli. It gives long term relief from knee pain, joint pain, arthritis pain, spondylosis, frozen shoulder, joint inflammation, muscle cramps, back pain and muscular spasm. It helps to relieve inflammation & stiffness by eliminating toxins and improves the mobility of the joins. Kairtis is a highly recommended oil by Ayurvedic physicians and an innovative herbal solution to lead a pain-free life.


3.       Kairkare Plus Oil for Back, Body and Muscular Pain - Kairkare Plus is known for its calming action. It has excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect that helps to eliminate toxins from the body, soothes the overexerted muscles, removes stiffness and provides relief in joint pain, body pain, neck pain, and back pain. Massage with this oil helps to strengthen the nervous system and relax the body.


4.       Sparub Ayurvedic Pain Relief Ointment - Sparub is a very strong and effective Ayurvedic formula known for instant pain-relieving action. It gives instant relief from headache, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, sports injury, stiffness, sprains and muscle cramps.


5.       Dhanwantharam Thailam for Rheumatoid Arthritis & Joint Pain - Dhanwantharam oil is a classical formulation of effective Ayurvedic herbs, used in various Ayurvedic therapies. It is very much helpful in the treatment of chronic rheumatic and nervous disorders like knee pain, backache, spondylosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, quadriplegia, and physical weakness.


6.       Karpooradi Thailam for Muscular Cramps and Joint Pain - Karpooradi thailam is a classical ayurvedic oil also known as Karpooradi Oil or Karpuradi Tailam. It helps to reduce general body ache, muscle cramps, joint pain, neck pain, Joint stiffness and injury pain. Karpooradi thailam relives muscle tension & inflammation and also alleviates skin irritation, itching, burning sensation, and chest congestion.


7.       Maha Narayana Thailam for Joint Pain and Rheumatic Disorders - Maha Narayana Thailam is an authentic combination of various medicinal herbs also called Mahanarayana oil. It is used in the treatment of nerves, bones, muscles, joints and all types of arthritic disorders. It helps to improve strength of the muscles, bones and joints and reduces joint inflammation and muscle fatigue. It is very much helpful to reduce joint pain, knee pain, back pain, muscle cramps, neck pain, joint stiffness and joint swelling.


Regular use of analgesic medication to relieve pain can cause serious health problems. Analgesic medication can give temporary relief, but the long-term use of it can also affect our liver, heart and causes other serious problems.

Ayurvedic treatments for joint pain is very effective in removing the specific cause of the problem and helps to bring the person back to their natural state of wellbeing.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the natural Ayurvedic pain relieving oils for long term benefits and to encourage to lead a pain-free healthy life.

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