Is Studying Abroad Better Than Studying in India?

by Priyanka Patil Analyst

Imagine attending an exam that will open doors for your dream job. The path is all set ahead of you. 

But you seem to get pulled back because of some uninvited feelings like tension or overthinking. Having stress in adulthood has become quite common. 

Almost 44% of people go through a phase of extreme stress. There are multiple reasons why people fall victim to extreme stress. 

Those who deal with stress are unable to do their desired activities. Some also lose self-esteem and tend to fail in achieving their goals.

As pervasive as it has become, students are finding ways to handle stress. It is indeed taunting to deal with stress for students who are preparing for their exams. 

Many students are confused or stressed about their education, and they tend to seek career guidance through educational counsellors. 

Even the brightest students are unable to cope up with stress. Students may look for tips to crack exams online or get advice from friends or family. 

To deal with exam stress, following a simple routine in day-to-day life will benefit rather than worrying about how to get rid of exam stress.

Why Do Students Face Stress?

Every person has a unique way of releasing stress. There may be physical or mental ways to overcome exam stress. 

A common yet unpopular opinion is that stress is directly related to the cause. Stress has multiple internal and external factors due to which one can feel absorbed in worry. 

For a student, exams are as important as getting a degree. It is a life-time opportunity for students to change their future. 

With better scores, students can achieve their goals. Students may prepare their best to perform well in the examination. 

College students get stressed due to reasons like study pressure, assignment, project, and many more, due to which they feel stressed out. 

One of the common symptoms of stress is sleeplessness or unhealthy food habits. Students have academic stress that majorly affects their mental health. 

With deadlines and submission, students may have poor time management or other reasons. Career guidance has become necessary for students to seek education in the best college or course. Similarly, finding a solution to manage stress is also an important aspect. 

To get good scores, students follow exam tips or take notes to manage time. Though it may seem like the best preparation strategy, students should also figure out how to cope with examination stress.   

Efforts and hardwork always help. Along with preparing for exams, students can cope up with stress in simple ways. 

Here are some ways to overcome exam stress:

Eat, Exercise, and Repeat:

The physical well-being of students makes them mentally active. One good thing about following a healthy routine is that it has no side effects. 

To deal with exam stress, students can eat healthy food items that are low in fat and cholesterol. Fruits and green vegetables will help students develop good memory power. 

Cutting on junk food will get students to maintain a good diet. With nutritious food, daily exercise, or meditation, students can stay active.   

Energize and Enjoy an Activity :

Studying for more than 3 hours may jam the brain. Keep the books aside for a while and practice a hobby. 

Students can pick their favourite activities like dance, music, sports, or gaming for relaxing their minds. 

It is beneficial if the activities involve more physical exertion. Through these activities, students can get rid of exam stress. 

Take Breaks to Keep the Mind Awake:

Stretching study hours will only lead to more stress. It is necessary to take constant breaks now and then to keep the mind and body relaxed. 

Students can either take a rest or a short walk to recall what is studied for the exam. This tip is one of the best ways on how to reduce exam stress. 

Instead of thinking about how the exam is going to be, use the free time to plan. It always helps.

Cut Caffeine and Maintain Hygiene:

Well, who isn't a coffee lover? It is common among students to drink coffee or caffeine products during exam preparation to keep themselves awake or active. 

Consumption of caffeine or even nicotine increases the stress levels leading to chronic stress and heavy breathing. 

It's risky to consume anything harmful. Students can maintain a hygienic lifestyle to stay away from falling sick during exams. 

Plan, Prepare, and Proceed:

Planning on how to cope with examination stress may not seem easy. But exams, as said, are once in a lifetime opportunity. 

No student would willingly choose to write a supplementary exam. So, why not give the best at once. 

While creating an exam preparation strategy, students can also plan on how to ease the exam pressure. 

Along with these tips, students can also follow some general tips to crack exams. A right start to the exam preparation routine will always help to score better. 

Now, students will have an overall idea of how to reduce exam stress. Apart from these tips, students can also have an educational counsellor to support them in managing exam fears. 

Stress management is easy if one is determined and clear about their goals. Overthinking about exams will only lead to stress. 

And that definitely will not change the pattern of the examination question paper. The only key is to ace an examination without being stressed.

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