Is Social Media Bad for You?

by Casper Zeus Bioanalytical Research Scientist
Social media is gradually taking that number one spot in our life. At least, most people have started to experience things this way. There are a lot of people who admittedly cannot go through a day without checking or using one of their social media accounts. It has become such a pivotal point in our lives that most of us do not want to admit it that they are actually addicted.

Social media has brought us a lot of good, but has it really? Is social media responsible only for the good things in our lives or is it at the same time damaging some of them. Not all things that seem good at first turn out that way in the end. Most of them reveal their dirty little secrets way afterward. As far as social media goes, it seems to go both ways. There are many things that have proven to be positive but at the same time come with damaging effects.

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Stress Reliever

One of the biggest advantages of social media is that it is a way to let off steam. Many people have sought these beneficial attributes of social media and have used it to stress out. It does really work in a way that it allows you to really let loose and try to forget your problems by using it.

But recently, it was concluded that social media sites are actually the cause of more stress than they actually resolve. Many users, especially women, have found themselves complexly stressed after using social media. It mostly has to do with the feed and other people causing them added stress.

Interestingly, men are less affected when it comes to social media in general. But Twitter has proven to be the most devastating one when it comes to men. A lot of men actually have problems when using Twitter and it causes their blood to boil, according to the latest research conducted.

A Way to Earn Money

Social media is the ultimate way to earn money. The newest types of social media sites have evolved into places where users can actually earn something for their participation. One of the best examples in, a social media site which rewards users by paying them in Bitcoin for their participation to the site and for them providing content.

There are lots of different sites with a similar formula and many people have already made it a career of using social media sites to earn a living. But it seems that this comes with a toll. Even though it seems you are doing well by earning money this way, you are still spending too much time on social media.

The bad effects here are that you use both of your free and working time and spend it there. This has a really bad effect on a person’s social life. Many people do have jobs which are related to working on a computer. But spending all of your time on a certain site can be damaging. At least if you are doing this, try to use your free time in a different way.

Both a Cure and a Cause for Depression

Social media sites have proven to be a great way to cure depression. Many people have found these sites really comforting for them and have gotten over certain things in their lives much easier. It does really help a person overcome depression when you can find somebody to talk to who has gone through a similar situation as you have.

But, the reality is that social media is the cause as well as the cure for depression. If you spend too much time using it and keep looking at what people post, you stand to long for those things that you cannot have. Some people are more popular, more popular than you, and this is the very thing that can lead you down a downward spiral.

This is perhaps one of the possible scenarios as there are many different situations that can occur. But the fact still remains that overuse or improper use can lead a user to become depressed. It does not mean that this is connected with all of them, but luckily it is tied to people who are already prone to depression. In a way, it can speed the process up and make everything go faster.

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Self Esteem Booster

What some social media site have done for a lot of people is to boost their self-esteem. Introverted and shy people often have problems making human contact and have problems with everyday social encounters. Some cannot express themselves well when looking a person in the eye. Luckily, social networks have emerged as an ultimate cure for introverts who are capable of expressing themselves behind their avatars on their profiles.

But, it does not help all the time. Sometimes it does not have the same impact on all people, especially extroverts. Some of them can thrive in this environment and boost their egos even more, while others do not find this virtual contact with the outside world appealing. In the end, it does not matter if you are an extrovert or an introvert when it comes to social media, it just depends if you are capable of finding yourself in such a world.

Either way, there are many cases that resulted in people losing their confidence with social media. Many of them had problems to really express themselves as they do not understand this new world that they ended up in. And since all of the people are now using it, it becomes even harder for them to cope and understand it.

Having a Relationship

Nowadays, there are a lot of examples of people finding their true love via a certain social network. It is really beneficial as people can now find a soul mate much faster and easier. It does not matter if the person with whom you are meant to be with is halfway across the world, you can still find him or her if you have a social media account.

But not all of this seems positive. Some people have relationships online without ever seeing a person. Is an emotional contact without a physical one really healthy? Everyone can decide on their own if it is positive or not, but the end result is that this is not a natural way to have a relationship.

There is also a problem when some people have too many expectations when it comes to social media. A lot of them view it as a gateway in finding that significant other and in the end, it turns out to be much harder than it looks. Either way, social media should be viewed as a tool to help you achieve that. One should not view it as a way to end all of your relationship problems. 

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